In this Instructable, I will be describing how to move around if you ever find yourself stranded on the moon without a lunar rover. These are the official Moonwalks as described in the Space Academy Mission Journal distributed at the Huntsville, Alabama Space and Rocket Center.

Step 1: The Bunny-Hop

One of the possible moon-walk versions is the "Bunny Hop". To do this, just hop around, jumping with both feet off the ground at the same time. After getting a chance to use a 1/6 chair (an astronaut training device that simulates the moons gravity), I found this version to be the easiest and it also gives you the highest vertical jump too.

Here are some videos I found on YouTube of a 1/6 chair in action:

Step 2: The Slow Motion Jog

The second moon-walk is the Jog. To do this, all you need to do is jog, just like back on earth, but with slow, exaggerated leaps. I find this to be the most fun way to moonwalk.

Step 3: The Side-to-Side

The third and final Moon-walk variation is the side to side. To do this, you must leap to the side, putting one foot out and bringing the other up to meet it, like a heel clicking, dancing elf, or this random guy.

Step 4: The End!

Now you know how to successfully walk on the moon. Safe travels and don't pull a Charlie Duke!

I came here thinking that it taught you to do the dance move
just asking why would someone need this if its very unlikly you will ever go to the moon
 Thats what you think! It was mostly a sarcastic entry for a "How to Moonwalk" category in a contest. 
Back flips on the moon are fun.
I see what you did there.
Excuse me?
i wonder what PKM means by that?
From UrbanDictionary:<br/><br/>&quot;<em>A common turn of phrase on the internet, generally used as an expression of quiet, subdued admiration for one's wit. Especially appropriate after a particularly deft pun. </em>&quot;<br/><br/>Hard to explain properly.. it's a bit like the english equivalent of <em>mazel tov</em> :) It basically means &quot;I have appreciated the parfait-like layers of your wordplay&quot;.<br/>
o...k... thanks for explaining. :)
this is really cool, I give 97 and 1/2 stars. lol really.... its awesome.... seriously.
Thank you! I've never gotten 97.5 stars before.....
yeah thats what I thought
LOL. Hilarious. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)
well at least this is better than 90% of videos and slideshows...
Why thank you!
no thank you!
lol, dr. explosion, this is a good instuctable I enjoyed the "don't pull a Charlie Duke" part
I'm Sorry to say this Dr. But you have been packing on the pounds as shown in step 3 so i see why you would want to walk on the moon
I know, all those chili cheese steaks have really been adding up! :-P
**shoves food in face**

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