Introduction: How to Motion Track in Blender

This is a tutorial on how to motion track in Blender 2.71. Blender is available here. (Sorry about the bad quality, not sure what happened)


KeegoArcade (author)2015-01-10

I did get 2.71, but I don't know where the blurry footage option is.

IDK then, ill upload my footage asap... hmm, that's strange that u don't have the blurry footage option. Google it.

Just look at the picture, it is under the "Tracking Settings" Header

KeegoArcade (author)2015-01-09

I have tried using my clips for this, but they just wont seem to work. Could I have the video you used in this?

Try setting the track type to blurry footage, as I had the same types of problems, and this helped a lot.

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