Picture of How to Multiply Your Spider Plants
The Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, is possibly the most popular house plant. They are good at purifying the air in your home and they are very easy to maintain. The purpose of this instructable is to teach you how to make more spider plants from your starter plant.
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Step 1: Finding the Baby Spiders

Picture of Finding the Baby Spiders
If you have had a spider plant you will already know that periodically the plant will send down stems with little plants, or spiders on them. If you look closely you can see that there are roots starting to develop on some of these baby spiders. Carefully hold the baby spider plant and separate it from the stem being sure not to break the roots off of it.

Step 2: Option #1: Starting the baby in water.

Picture of Option #1: Starting the baby in water.
You can take the baby plant and set the roots in a cup of water for a week or two so the roots may grow bigger. I use a blank CD to keep the whole plant from falling into the cup. Be sure to check the water every couple days, if the plant goes dry for too long it may die.

Step 3: Option #2: Starting the plant in dirt immediately.

Picture of Option #2: Starting the plant in dirt immediately.
 If you have a plant that is already going and you want to thicken up the growth in the pot you might just want to add the baby to it right away. In that case just dig a little hole and plant it in. After you finish planting it remember to water the plant right away. If you want to start a totally new plant use a small pot, a 2 inch pot would be plenty big to start one. Just use your best judgement in the proper size.
faitz2 months ago
I was just wondering how long the roots on the spiderette should be before cutting it from the mother. I have a spiderette about the size of my fist that I'm potting, but I don't want to cut it too early and have it die.
supriya.arcot3 months ago


I have put a baby spider plant ( with roots ) in mud since 1 year . I water it each week and it is not dead and yet has not sprouted new leaves. What could be the reason .

Tomahawk924 months ago

Nice. How much light do these need? I know they grow indoors but where i want it to go it wont get any direct sunlight.

Also can these be grown in only water? this could be an interesting one to throw in a hydroponics system.

ft474 years ago
what do you do with the long stem which hang down on the plant
lea_avon ft473 years ago
The long stems often put out tiny, delicate white flowers, but only when they're 'in the mood'. I've never noticed any rhythm or reason for them to suddenly flower, so you may have to be patient!
egoi1 lea_avon4 months ago

It will flower and seed probably when the "babies" don't reach water or soil to continue propagating. Probably also why the babies will grow babies to try to reach the ground..but they are babies so they eventually give up.

jarfon0300 ft473 years ago
right, what you do is either take them off and root them in water once the plantlets have, what i call root buds, but i would not advise this because the roots that form are water roots and they may not take once potted into compost. another way is to place a pot close to the parent plant and peg down the plantlets and they should root in a couple of weeks. this is the best and most reliable way of propagating chlorophytum (spiderplant). the last way is to take them off, then put them into a plantpot. this method takes about two to three weeks. overall, you have three ways. i have two spiderplants in my greenhouse and it was one plant but i split it into two. they are the most vigorous ones i have ever had and i have a lot of babies. some are rooted and others are just forming. i have estimated about 50 babies from one with 3 stolons and 6 from the other. keep them slightly potbound to get more stolons. after the babies are off the mother, cut the stolons off as low down on the plant as possible. one of mine has got a seed pod and i would like to know if anyone has any tips on growing them from seed. mine are the type with green leaves and a white stripe down the middle. i know the seedlings will be all-green but i have no idea what to do from collecting seeds and then trying to germinate them. all tips are welcome. thank you.
james.spil.56 months ago

i have had the same plant .....well and its babies for 10 years...... i clip them grow them give them away.......

lrahzor1 year ago
I'm curious.... Ive noticed on my spider plant, and on yours like in your pictures... that some of the tips die. Should i trim the dead part off or leave it be? I don't want to kill it by cutting one that's not totally dead! Just thought it might make it look better! Thanks!!
Gato Nipon2 years ago
I love these plants. I had one in high school and today i got lots of them in my balcony. Great tips.
mannioncat2 years ago
Something is eating the tips of my spider plant. I have it hanging outside cause its summer... should I not leave it outside because of whatever is eating the leaves?
I have a question.  This is my first time on this site.  Can you grow spider plants in only water?  What other plants can be grown in water?  Are there any places you know that will send you free plants or seeds?  Okay, that's three questions.  Thanks for your help!

kjrafn3 years ago
any idea why my spider plant never had any babies as a houseplant but when I put it outiside this summer (in Philadelphia) it had gazillians?
if it is a young plant, they generally take up to two years to mature. but i once had one and it was 7 month old and produced five or six stems. it was planted in the ground but i fetched it in and then it reproduced itself. i live in the UK. when they are outdoors they go through, what they call ripening process, that is when they get all the light they need and get the fresh air. thats the main reason why mine did it at a few months of age. hope this informatoin helps you.
Art Nut5 years ago
Open up a paper clip, straighten out one end and use it to pin the baby spider back into the mother plant's pot.  It's a way to fill up sparse pots or start new plants.
Another term for the spider plant is Mala Madre or Bad Mother because she throws her babies out of the nest!
other names include Ribbon plant and Plane plant.
the latin is 'Chlorophytum Comosum' and the other species is 'Chlorophytum Elatum'.
jarfon03003 years ago
hi folk

i live in the UK and have two spiderplants with tons of babies and i would like to know if anyone knows any variatoins of the standard spiderplant. the two i have are green with the white stripe down the middle, i thought they were 'Vittatum', as that is the popular variety in the UK. but these two are very small, about 5 inches tall, and the leaves curl over. i think its a 'Bonnie', but the leaves dont spiral, they just curl over. if anyone has a name, please let me know as i really need to know what these spiderplants are. thanks.
PeoplesCar3 years ago
Great instructable. I have tons of houseplants, but no spider plants yet, and plan on getting one this week (I'll probably put it in a coconut fluff hanging basket over the peace lily in the living room). I look forward to getting some plantlets off it to put in pots on the front porch / more hanging baskets in the kitchen.
AmyLuthien3 years ago
For the record, baby spider plants are called "pups' ;)
l8nite5 years ago
Here in florida, spider plants aren't just for indoors, although the recent stretch of cold weather may have some adverse effects = (  Spider plants tend to spread quickly and make great ground cover.. nicely done "ible"
Scolova l8nite4 years ago
Same here in south east Texas, and yep my spider plant almost died this past unusually cold winter. Thankfully it was large and I had it in a large pot and the center survived. It's a great multiplying plant.

(thanks for the instructable)
Kostas K5 years ago
God, a cd! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks, I have 3 baby spiders in cups with water and the lower leaves suffer, being immersed in water. This will definatelly help.
Mehehehful5 years ago
Aww. I remember my science teacher would grow a spider plant and at the end of the year almost all the students took one home...... I love plants :D
cherriz5 years ago
I love the idea of holding it up with a CD! Thank you for that.