Step 5: Taking a Bearing on a Real Object

Picture of Taking a Bearing on a Real Object
Before we use your compass, we'll have to set the declination.
First, find the declination in your are by visiting NOAA Geomagnetic Data
Then, follow the directions that came with your compass to set the declination properly.

Now you can take a bearing on a real object.
1. Choose an object to take a bearing to. Ideally this is something you can do, then reference on a map. But you can practice with objects that are a minimum of twenty feet away.
2. Stand well clear of your computer. Large, metal objects usually mess up compass readings.
3. Tilt your mirror ~45 degrees in relation to the base.
4. Hold the compass outward, level, relaxed, and at eye level.
5. Close your non-dominant eye.
6. Match the object up in the compass sights. Be sure its level!
7. Turn the bezel until the north (red) needle is in the declination arrow.
8. Read the heading from the bezel.
9. Give the bezel a spin, rinse, repeat.