Introduction: How to Ninja Macgyver Your Belt.

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Ever had one of those reversible belts that inevitably breaks?   Here is how you can save one with a Leather punch and some small zip ties, and a replacement buckle from yet another broken belt.


coolflame (author)2013-07-16

- not ninja (i can see it)
- not macgyver (doesn't neither use paperclip nor chewing gum nor does it explode)

^^ sorry i couldn't resist. nice idea ;)

Marty_Moose (author)coolflame2013-07-16

Thanks. Got a better name in mind? ;)

coolflame (author)Marty_Moose2013-07-16

according to the instructables tricks and tips on creating an instructable you should use a self-eplanatory name. why not somthing simple and stupid like: How to fix broken belt using zip ties

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