How to Obtain & Install CS:S(Counter Strike Source) Textures Onto Garry's Mod

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Using a simple server updater we can install Counter Strike Source Textures onto Garry's Mod.

Step 1: Step 1: Obtain Steam CMD

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Download Here

Un-Zip the steamcmd_win32.zip file into a brand new folder

UlisseB13 days ago

I placed the vpk.exe in steamcmd folder but it says tier0.dll can't be found, but it is in the same folder!i also tried to move vpk.exe to the css - content but the same, so can you help me?

You probably saw this comment 2 times, i just got login proplems so this is the 2nd time i wrie this.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin

is also a vpk.exe just drag the files onto this file.

Same problem... Please help!

Look at TheJonoNewton's comment its helps a lot!

MisterQazzy made it!3 months ago
thanks so much
EduardoA73 months ago

this really needs some editing

TheJonoNewton5 months ago

As Step 5 don't worry about downloading the vpk.exe. There is one already (and this one detects the tier0.dll file in the same folder) It is in

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin

Just use that one and it should work fine.

You have no idea how much this helped me! Just a reminder por everyone, drag only the cstrike_pak_dir.vpk file directly to the vpk.exe in the path showed above. Do not copy the vpk.exe to another folder, as it will not work!

THIS HELPED A LOT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

Koryani6 months ago

ThankYou My Steam No New Today 1.3.2015 I Buy Gmod To CSS

grumpybutter10 months ago

To the people who get error messages or just dont understand, heres what worked for me:

when you drag the "cstrike_pak_###.vpk" files to your "CSS-Content" folder also move "cstrike_pak_dir.vpk" to "CSS-Content". Then, go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin". In that folder there is already a vpk.exe! Just drag "cstrike_pak_dir" (not the ### ones) onto vpk.exe. It should unpack a bunch of stuff then you can take the stuff out of the "cstrike_pak_dir" folder and into "CSS-Content" then you are done.

Thanks a ton! I tried to fix it for so long till I saw your comment. :)

Thanks :D

Does not work.

logana19 months ago

it says that the auto loader is malaware for me

UltraOmega1910 months ago

what do you mean by everything?

joeyz111 months ago

getting the "tier0.dll not found" error wondering whats wrong

Missing it too
DylanR11 months ago

Yes It Worked For Me! Thank You Instructables And ace_case

This is an outdated tutorial. Go here for the Gmod13 tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmUm9LQOjgw

omerakz12 months ago

When i want to open the vpk.exe it says error like this "tier0.dll not found". What i neet to do???

yperi1 year ago

When i try to open the vpk.exe it saying " The procedure entry point GetThreadedLoadLibraryFunc could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0.dll" what i need to do ???

I used your instructions (very helpful thanks), but most textures and maps still are unavailable, nothing but pink and black everywhere. This is my Gmod app folder below, is there something incorrect? (I extracted 'root' from _dir, is that wrong)

gmod texture.PNG
avillarama1 year ago

I don't understand the last step. I tried dragging the vpk files onto the vpk.exe but it says that it's missing tier0.dll and I get the same message when simply launching the exe on its own.

Actually, Use GCFScape. Just open the _dir one and extract it. It should grab everything.