Introduction: How to Ollie

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An ollie is one of the most basic moves. it is when you jump up in the air and get all four wheels in the air.

Step 1: Position

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Front foot inbetween the two sets of nails. Back foot on the tail.

Step 2: Lean and Jump

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put your weight on your back foot. Jump up while pushing down on your back foot. Your front truck should go up first. (Like in the picture below)

Step 3: Slide

    Slide your front foot across the board. this will straighten your board so it's level. (optional)

Step 4: Landing

The landing is easy just move your foot back to the board from where you slid it. Don't bother working on your position you can get that back to normal position on land.

Step 5: Random Tips

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   -Don't lean back at the beginning just put tour weight on it.
   -Slide your foot off the board to go higher.
   -When you are in the air, lean on your front foot to go farther.
   -Get skateshoes (Vans, DC's, Fallens, ect.)

Step 6: Other Tricks

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Once you master the ollie try some of theese tricks
Kick flip
Pop Shovit
Tre Flip (as seen in the picture)


JavaNut13 (author)2010-10-16

Dude, PICTURES! get a mate to take pictures of you skating.. The current pictures look like Google Images.

lemonie (author)JavaNut132010-10-17

They are Googled-images.
If a person has no use of a camera, they're a bit stuck...


JavaNut13 (author)lemonie2010-10-17

Hmmm.. pretty much all phones have cameras capable of taking photos at a resolution that could be used in an 'ible..


lemonie (author)JavaNut132010-10-18

No one about to hold it perhaps?


JavaNut13 (author)lemonie2010-10-18

I'm sure there is someone to hold it, he is awesume anyway.

awesume (author)JavaNut132010-10-30

I'll try to get good phots soon. My camera is crappy it always turns out blurry. (P.S. Awesome name isn't it.)

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