Introduction: How to Open an Andes Mint

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In this article we will go over the basic steps to opening an Andes Mint and then disposing of the remains. This instructable is completely open to interpretation and can be modified in any way you may see fit to maximize your Andes Mint opening potential/enjoyment/efficiency.

Good Luck

And Enjoy

BTW. The author takes no responsibility for embarrassment, harassment, or any other harm inflicted upon you for reading and/or following these instructions.

Step 1: Set Up

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Begin by setting the mint up in front of you. Be sure that all distractions are out of the way and you have a ample amount of time to concentrate on the task at hand. This process could take up to 5 minutes at first but, with time and practice, you might be able to it much quicker than that.

Step 2: Opening

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This is the first tricky part of this process. Read slowly and refer to pictures when need.
1. Pick the mint up and face it's bottom towards you (fig. 1)
2. Unfold the bottom flap (fig. 2)
3. Unfold the top flap (fig. 3)
4. Unfold the right flap (fig. 4)
5. Unfold the left flap (fig. 5)
6. Press the opened flaps down onto the table (fig. 6)
7. Verify that the mint is an original Andes brand Mint (fig. 7)
8. If it is an original, take out the mint and enjoy! (fig. 8)
Else, find the store manager and complain with sarcastic remarks and threatening gestures.

Step 3: Disposal of Wrapper

Picture of Disposal of Wrapper

Here is the next tricky part of the process. This is also the most fun and creative step.
1. Fold the empty wrapper in half (fig. 1)
2. Fold it in half again (fig. 2)
3. And again (fig. 3)
4. Now crush it up into a little ball (fig. 4)
5. Here's the fun part, throw it at something (fig. 5)
-someone's drink (fig. 6)
-a girl (fig. 7)
-a whale (fig. 8)
-whatever else deserves to have an empty mint wrapper thrown at them.

Now congratulate yourself, you have joined a prestigious group of individuals. If you did not complete the steps all the way, dust yourself off and try again later, just remember, slow and steady wins the race, and you are rather slow.


nbnoahbezzant2 (author)2014-08-01

Very helpful! Thanks!! Making something so complex so easy

repguy2020 (author)2013-02-17

Nice one Centurion! Liked it!

Mauigerbil (author)2012-08-25

Wow. This is one of the downright stupidest things I have ever seen an instructable on. Anybody can do this on their first try if they think. Sorry if my 180 iq is talking, but really?

Kwitmeh3 (author)2009-05-18

(removed by a hobo's request)

joosh (author)2008-12-07

:( I don't get this. I get stuck on the 3rd part of step 1. 3. Unfold the top flap (fig. 3) Can someone explain this a little more? I'm so confused. :S

demolsher502 (author)2008-09-24

hmmm..... since my last name is Andes, could I somehow be the lost heir to a huge fortune? Do people actually eat enough of these to make a huge fortune? And what about those Andes mountains...... I believe that I'll have to think about this a bit now......

AnarchistAsian (author)2008-09-23

how'd you get featured???

cnl2218 (author)AnarchistAsian2008-09-24

I don't know. I didn't try to be featured. I just posted this instructable as a practice and to try out my new camera and light tent. Apparently somebody up their liked it.

AnarchistAsian (author)cnl22182008-09-24

weird, though...
it's like my pointless instructable

da rippa (author)2008-09-24

Man, this Instructable was a waste of my time. Everyone know you are supposed to eat Andes mints like sunflower seeds! Pop them in you mouth, chew and spit out the wrapper.

Deltablazing (author)2008-04-19

OMIGOSH you've answered my prayers!!

Candles (author)2008-02-26


mjtc98 (author)2008-02-26

I can't find Andes in the UK. The closest I can get is a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Biscuit. Will this work instead?

mightywombat (author)2008-02-25

I am *SO* going to try this!

23mcharlotte (author)2008-02-25

wow now i know how without this instructable Id still be eating the wrapper THANKS

falcotheimpaler (author)2008-02-25

FINALLY! my girfriend bought me a huge box of these and i havent been able to eat them!!! i've just been throwing them at things, (i skipped to the last step)

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-25

Nice! Great Instructable, and I like the BTW (by the way, obviously) part at the beginning... :P Great Instructable. And AMAZING images as CameronSS said. That's a great camera.

zoundsPadang (author)2008-02-25

its about stinking time someone wrote an intractable on this! i have been fumbling around at Olive Garden after every meal making a fool of myself! Thanks a bunch!

Ferrite (author)2008-02-25

As simple as the topic may be, this is an amazingly well written Instructable.

NeilLizard (author)2008-02-25


Kiteman (author)2008-02-25

> groan <

Actually, that's a very well-written Instructable. What else have you got up your sleeve?

CameronSS (author)2008-02-24

Wow! Those are AMAZING images! Just curious, what kind of camera did you use?

cnl2218 (author)CameronSS2008-02-25

I used a Canon SD1000 and a little light tent that I made by the suggestion of

jessyratfink (author)2008-02-24

Do they sell these by the case, I wonder? *goes to investigate*

They sure do, just go to the candy section of your local grocery store. You'll find 'em there.

LinuxH4x0r (author)jessyratfink2008-02-24

yes, they do

SpinWard (author)2008-02-24

This is an amazing instructable! Nice photography. You probably had the same probablem as I did with my instructable. you had to complete the instructable, look at the pictures, do it over completely, maybe take pictures. Over and over! This must have been a great sacrifice for you. I applaud your sacrifice!

tyeo098 (author)2008-02-24

I tried to eat one while i was in the shower, turns out, like cats, they arent waterproof.
Now I need to wait another day at the Holiday Inn.

marc92 (author)2008-02-24

Thank you!!! I have a whole bowl of these sitting on my desk but had no clue how to open them!!! You are my hero!!!

marc92 (author)marc922008-02-24

UPDATE: They are delicious!

Izzy Phorum (author)2008-02-24

Thank you! I've eaten those before, but I just clumsily ripped the foil apart. I followed your instructions and now I can open them perfectly! I had to make a slight adjustment in the throwing part since I don't have a small whale, but it didn't affect the taste.

joejoerowley (author)2008-02-24

God, I haven't had one of these in forever. I need to have one now!

Brennn10 (author)2008-02-24

I <3 Andes mints.

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