How to Organize Apps!





Introduction: How to Organize Apps!

I reorganized my apps using this method that I came up with and it works really well! A quick glimpse (and possibly a swipe!) is all I need to locate the app I need. I definitely recommend trying this on your own devices!

Step 1: Place Your Most Used Apps in the Lower Bar

This will make them easily accessible.

Step 2: Organise Your Apps Into Different Groups

Some of the groups I created include Social, Organisation, Photography, Health and Utilities

Step 3: Nearly Finished!

Next to each category, place the 3 most commonly used apps from the group!

Step 4: Perfect!

Now on the left column, there should be different categories. Next to these categories should be three of the most common apps from that division! I personally find this method of organising my apps really easy to use and it looks great as well!



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