How to Organize Magazine Clutter





Introduction: How to Organize Magazine Clutter

Piles of magazines cluttering up your home? Learn how to organize magazines as Annie the Organizer proves her motto "Less Piles, More Smiles." Watch this Smiling Spaces instructional video filmed in a 1960s style.

Step 1: Locate Your Pile of Magazines.

Step 2: Sort Magazines Into Neat Piles by Title, Topic, or Interest.

Step 3: Take Out Only the Pages You Want to Keep.

Step 4: Label Folders to Organize the Magazine Pages.

Favorite Labels: Ideas, Inspirations, Home Décor, Gardening, Recipes, Travel, Hobbies, Shopping, Gift Ideas, Kids, Pets

Step 5: Use an Open Top File Box to Keep the Folders In.

Label the hanging file tabs to match the folders you created, and put the folders inside.

Step 6: Recycle the Rest of the Magazines.

Step 7: Keep Only a Few Selected Full Magazines and the Open Top File Box on a Bookshelf.

A hanging magazine rack also works great. Use your vertical wall space to keep piles off the floor.

Step 8: Celebrate a Job Well Done and Your Newly Organized Smiling Space.

Less piles, more smiles.



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    Great Ideas! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    Great little instructable—cute video (short, sweet). I look forward to more from you in the future!

    Thanks! Short and Sweet is who I am. :)