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Introduction: How to Organize Your Freezer

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My mom has been wanting to organize her freezer for a while. So she finally did it. And I documented her progress for this instructable. (Thanks mom, for making this happen.) So now if you have a messy freezer, you can learn how to make it less messy. And not only will it become less messy, but you will find old food you should throw out and everybody will be much happier knowing there are no rotten bananas in your freezer. YAY! Freezer organization!

Step 1: Measure

You're going to buy boxes to help with organization, and you want them to fit. So take a ruler and find out the size.

Step 2: Get Containers

Buy some containers to fit your freezer. The ones we used were from the container store, Links here: back ones and the front ones

Step 3: Empty Your Freezer.

Take everything out. Everything.

Step 4: Sort

Sort your freezer's contents into piles. Mine were fruit, veggies, meat, ice packs, nuts, ice cubes, bread, and other.

Step 5: Put Into Bins

Now you take the handy-dandy bins you ordered and fill them with food by category. There may be some space issues. In that case, anything extra goes in the side drawer.

Step 6: Label

Take some labels and stick them on your containers.

Step 7: Feel Successful

Wow, you just organized your freezer! It'll be so much easier to find things! YAY YOU!



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    The ice maker doesn't actually work. We use the trays for all our ice cubes.

    I really have to do this so a BIG thanks for sharing. This is a good start for me.