How to Organize Your Locker


Introduction: How to Organize Your Locker

By: Marley Saldivar-Lozano, Litzy Duarte, jonathan fakhuri,Chris Alvarez

Step 1:

First you take out all of your stuff and put a shelf to keep your books neatly.

Step 2:

Second you get folders to keep your papers neatly.So you won't throw your papers in the locker

Step 3:

Get a box or bag to place all lose, small items.For example like pencils or pens.

Step 4:

Dont make your locker messy make it clean!

Step 5:

Orginize your books by putting covers or writing the period

Step 6:

Dont't throw sheets of paper in your locker randomly!

Step 7:

Keep all liquids in a safe place so they wont fall over

Step 8:

Have a place to place trash

Step 9:

Have specific places for all things

Step 10:




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    2 years ago

    Good job! This is amazing. Do all of you have your lockers organized like this now?

    Organization is the best!