Picture of How to PROPERLY smoke a Waterpipe / Bong
Disclaimer: Please do not use this instructable to do illegal drugs... actually let me just say this straight: Don't be an idiot, pot is overrated.  This instructable is a guide for tobacco and legal products. I want this to be first so even in the posted description people can see that pot is stupid. 

Smoking from a BONG (a waterpipe for those of you who want to be proper, and don't want to get kicked out of a headshop), is a great healthier (note: still not healthy) way to smoke tobacco and other products than for instance a cigarette... and also increases the effects and taste of what you are smoking. 

I have made my own bongs, and used store bought bongs, and I must say that I get no sentimental value out of using my own bong... and highly suggest just buying a good one from a store (I will include a list of places to buy your products in step 1). So lets get into it...This instructable will cover where to buy your bong and products, the health advantages of smoking out of a bong, and then how to take the perfect hit, plus I will finish up with Bong Etiquette for those of you who smoke with friends. 

PS: I don't really care if you get offended because I called you an idiot if you smoke pot... you are. Its your right if your an American to smoke it, and I will stand up for that right... but unless you have an actual need for it, there are much safer alternatives with better effects.