How to Pack a Suitcase





Introduction: How to Pack a Suitcase

A simple way to pack a suitcase. Please rate and leave as many comments as you can.

Step 1: Gathering the Clothes

Simply follow the pictures. If you have other items, add them where items of the same size go.

Step 2: Rollin' It Up

Just like a fruit rollup.

Step 3: Pack It Up

I do not have pictures but this step is very easy. Place the clothes roll in the bottom. If you have two place them next to each other. Place flip-flops in side pockets and cram toiletries in between the two rolls. Any souvenirs can either be rolled in the clothes where the socks go or by the toiletries. I hope you find this Instructable helping when it comes to packing for vacation.



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    I always fold for the way there, roll for the way back. If you roll and cram for the way there you wont have a good time trying to fit everything for the way back. I also roll everything individually. It seems to fit mroe that way.

    Yes you can roll it all individually but when you do it my way it is easier to re-fold all of the clothes. Also, whenever you have dirty clothes it is easier to lay them out after each day so you can simply pack to go home.