Step 10: Putting it all together

Picture of Putting it all together
When you pack your items in, be sure to put heavy things in first (at the bottom of the bag). If you are carrying it, this keeps it easier to balance. If it is a suitcase with wheels, this will keep it from tipping over when you try to stand it up on its own.

If you are packing sandals, put these in first. They pack flat and work best going in first or squeezing in the sides.

If you bag doesn't have a back support in it and you plan on carrying it on your back, make sure nothing is poking out to the point where it makes carrying it uncomfortable.

If you have a bag with a detachable day pack or fanny pack, try to get most of your stuff in the main bag first. That way you aren't carrying your shoes, toiletries and your camera when you take the small bag on a short excursion.