Step 3: Step Three - Outfits go in one bag each

Picture of Step Three - Outfits go in one bag each
Take each outfit and place it into a grocery bag. Each bag will represent a day of your trip - and this helps out loads when a TSA representative asks to search your bag. Rather than dumping out fifty individual pieces of clothes, all you do is pull out five small grocery bags that are labeled. How sweet is that?

Don't just stop there - group everything and place them into grocery bags - that way everything is divided up into smaller bags. This makes finding things, repacking things and going through security loads easier. Be sure not to pack electronics in the bowels of your bag - these need to be readily accessible for going through security.

Also, be sure to pack extra bags and a heavier trash bag - that way you have something to put your dirty clothes in and/or in case something gets wet.

Put your gizmos, iPods, cameras and whatever else you have in a seperate bag. I picked up some cheap bags at an outdoor store that had a big box of unsorted bags on clearance. Be sure to put your shampoo, hand sanitizer, or any other small tube of liquid (remember airport security has limits) in a ziploc bag - not only for going through security, but also so that it doesn't leak onto your other stuff.