Step 7: Step Seven - Lay out what you will wear while traveling

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What you wear the day of travel is your ace in the hole. As a general rule, don't pack your jacket - wear it. Jackets and sweaters take up tons of room in your bag, but make great pillows on a plane or a train ride. If you have lightweight clothes and one pair of jeans, wear the jeans - they take up more room as well. Don't try to wear four pairs of pants on the plane, but just wear the ones that you think are comfortable, yet a little bulky to pack compared to your others.

Always have a jacket or a shirt with good pockets - especially pockets that close, zip, velcro or whatever. You will be keeping a passport, a plane ticket, a wallet, etc. with you - despite being required to take off jackets going through security screening. Putting these things in a jacket, zipping the pockets shut, takes away the worry that they may fall out.

If you wear glasses, be sure to pack a glasses case on your person. Even if you don't plan on it, you probably will doze a little on the flight or the ride - you don't want to wake up with your glasses twisted like modern art. Keep them safe.

If you like to wear sandals like I do, but want to bring a pair of sneakers on the trip - wear the sneakers and pack the sandals. That will save you a lot of room when packing.
This is a great 'ible. I know its a couple of years old but who cares! One thing I see you left out is medication. If you have some sort of medication that you can't survive without, DON'T PACK IT!. Put it in your sealable pockets or whatever bag you are going to be carrying with you at all times(kinda goes with the glasses comment). No airline can ever 100% guarantee your bags will make it to your destination at the same time you do. I used to work for an airline and you would not believe the amount of people that insist they need their bags "right now" because of some medication. I can't teleport it here and then next flight won't come in for a while. Then it depends on if that fight has room for extra bags. Anyway, I digress..