Picture of How to Painlessly Pierce your Septum.
Normally, I could never poke holes in myself, nor get a tattoo.

I'm too squeamish.

However, I can see the attraction of a pierced septum, so, what the heck - I tried it.

This was supposed to be painless, but it hurt. A lot.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
The most important part of this project is a pair of small neodymium magnets.

I had a pair left over from my ROV Instructable, but they are easy to obtain anyway (don't you love ebay?).

Apart from that, you will need something to put "through" your septum. Pick something suitable for where and when you intend to wear it, maybe a chicken bone for that cave-man look, a long bolt for that trip to the hardware store.

I intend this to be a wind-up-the-pupils-near-the-end-of-term accessory, so I am going to use a pen.

You will also need a variety of normally-in-the-shed tools - fine-toothed saw, file, glue-gun and something to snip bamboo.

Step 2: Make it.

Picture of Make it.
This is a pretty easy project to describe:

Cut the pen in half, stick the magnets to the cut ends, then stick it in your nose.

There are a few extra details, though.

  • The magnets I had were counter-sunk, so I slipped pieces of bamboo through the holes and into the shaft of the pen. Hot-gluing the bamboo into the pen-shaft gave a stronger joint than just gluing the magnet on the end.
  • When you wear the pen, take a moment in the mirror to align the two halves - it won't look so good if the edges don't line up properly.
  • Don't sneeze!
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jakee1172 years ago
I actually have a 2 gauge septum (body jewelry goes by the american wire gauge system) and piercing/stretching it is almost painless! since the captive bead ring is so heavy, I find that after a week or two of wearing it, I'll have enough space to stretch up again, though I still wait about 2 months between sizes. my goal size is 1/2"
snapshot (3).jpg
U4563 years ago
That would of hurt.
Kiteman (author)  U4562 years ago
Kiteman (author)  U4563 years ago
Oh, it did...
U456 Kiteman3 years ago
How did you take it out?
Kiteman (author)  U4563 years ago
I just pulled at each end of the pen.
U456 Kiteman3 years ago
This is neat! It gives me so many ideas..
Advar3 years ago
Pretty cool gag!
Mutantflame3 years ago
" it hurt like... a very hurty thing that hurts a lot "

That, is my new favourite quote.

Looks painful though
Kiteman (author)  Mutantflame3 years ago
Oh, it was.
Ha! Rather you than me.

zzoe3 years ago
Tried this at home years ago, but i didn't have any small rare-earth magnets lying about, only this pointy thingy, et voilá. More painful (!), but the creep-out effect on the little nieces and nephews is greatly multiplied when i pull the toothpickish thing (or wooden match) through the hole and out the other side (and it doesn't hurt anymore). Also, i can hang socks on it.
juicymoose3 years ago
to stop it hurting sooooo badly would you use smaller magnets and/or less powerful ones??
Kiteman (author)  juicymoose3 years ago
Yes - I used relatively large/powerful magnets, but only because I had them lying around.
what magnets would those be?
Kiteman (author)  juicymoose3 years ago
They're countersunk neodymium magnets I got for another project.
ooooh i get it now... thanks
vishalapr3 years ago
I did this and my little cousin was freaked out! I enjoy freaking him out! Thanks for an awesome instructable!
Kiteman (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Here! My magnets weren't strong enough so the pen kept bending but it still freaked my cousin out! I just used magnets from my old cube toy that I bought! They were neodymium magnets but they were old so they weren't strong!

I didn't want to put these in my nose again so sorry about no pic with them in my nose!
Kiteman (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
It bend through weakness, it bent through roundness - the magnets I used were flat, yours are rounded.

If you built a little epoxy or similar around the magnet to sort of square it off, it would be much steadier.
I guess I will use some sugru to make it into a square shape because I did not have any other magnets! I used these magnets from a Neo-Cube!
juicymoose3 years ago
I dont understand why it hurt so much...
I'm so sorry, but this picture just cracks me up. Sitting here laughing out loud. Like the Instructable too =)
Kiteman (author)  cdawisconsin3 years ago
Thank you.
tilmen3 years ago
Very good...I will do this as a joke
Kiteman (author)  tilmen3 years ago
Post a picture when you do!
The Jamalam3 years ago
I just looked at the title for the first time in ages, saw the saw (no pun intended, but oh how I enjoy the english language) and then eagerly went to the next step before remembering this was a trick. Nicely put together.
codongolev6 years ago
never-NEVER- do this just with straight magnets. it took me forever to get those out of my nose. and they were just the kind out of the magnet/ball bearing building sets, so I can't even imagine neodymium.
that reminds me one time I got a bead stuck up my nose it was up so far you couldn't feel it if you stuck your finger as far up as you could. that night I went to a hospital and it took 4 nurses to hold me down while they stuck small vacuums up my nose. ( I was actually over powering the nurses and I was only 7 years old.) I could see blood going up the vacuums tubes.... all failed that night so I want home and went to bed. the next morning my mom took me to a eyes nose and ears doctor ad he just numbed my nose with a little dropper and suck a piece of curved metal up there and hooked it around the bead and he pulled it right out. one try. it felt so weird with that thing up my nose. on the way home my mom took me to toys 'R' us and bought me two lego sets. I was like "oh yeah"!!!! whoa sorry this was so long lol.
When I was 5, a ladybug went up my nose and I haven't seen it since.
When I was 6 a ladybug went in my ear and I see t 3 or 4 times a day when I'm infront of a mirror and it's out
good joke..
oh, there it is. it's been living off snot.

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