How to Paint Chevron Nail Art





Introduction: How to Paint Chevron Nail Art

In this video StyleUnited Beauty Trends expert Thea shows you how to create a simple, fun chevron pattern on your nails.


1. Apply Base Coat. Here we use Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss for a neutral base.

Tip: Make sure base coat is completely dry before beginning nail art application.

2. Dab Nail Polish on a Card. Use card stock or something that won't absorb. Make a little pool of polish.

3. Create Dots with a Dotter. Use skinny end of dotter tool and make dots in an uneven pattern while alternating lines. You will ultimately make a zig zag pattern of lines out of these dots. Clean dotter with nail polish and wipe with a Puffs tissue.

Tip: Wait a few minutes for polish to dry before proceeding to next step.

4. Use a Brush to Connect Dots. Connect the dots in a zig zag pattern. Make these lines thick since you will use another color to make lines on top of these lines.

5. Paint Lines with a Second Color. Use a brush to make a thin line over the thicker base line in another color.

6. Optional: Add a Clear Gloss. Wait at least a half hour to apply gloss so you don't streak the chevron lines.



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