Introduction: How to Paint Your Leather Sofa

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Hey there!

A while ago, my mum and I painted my dad´s sofa for him. It went great, so I thought I would share it with you. Please ask, if you have any questions, I´ll be happy to answer them.

You will need:

- rubber gloves.

- acetone.

- old sheets.

- brushes.

- turpentine

- leather paint.

- old newspapers.

- leather grease.

Step 1: Wash It Down

Unfortunately I didn´t take a picture of this, but I´ll explain it the best I can..

Put one your rubber gloves. Pick up a bunch of old sheets and dipped one of them acetone. Then I rubbed the whole sofa into it until the surface changed - you can feel it, so keep rubbing until you do! It´s better to rub to much than to less.

When the whole sofa has the same surface, then go on to step 2.

pro tip: you might want to move your sofa to a place with some old newspapers under, unless you want your floor painted as well.

Step 2: Paint, Paint, Paint.

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Now! You need to paint with the color. Do as following..

Put a bit of paint on your brush, rather to little than to much! and paint the sofa in parts... f.ex. paint the whole back at once, one seat at once...

By doing that, you avoid making the coloring seem different.

Keep painting until the whole sofa is colored. Wait an hour or so and paint it again, same as before.

Soak your brushes in turpentine, so they won´t get ruined.

Wait 24 hours and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Rub, Rub, Rub

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Take your leather grease and rob the hell out of it! :D

You can´t rob to much, so just keep pushing.. or robbing. The more you rob, the better chance it stands against water, coffee, dog nails and other fun stuff.

Step 4: Done! Enjoy.

Picture of Done! Enjoy.

Remove any left over grease from your sofa and enjoy.

Step 5:


wold630 (author)2016-06-03

Wow! I've never heard of this. It doesn't come off onto clothing?

DIYistheonlyway (author)wold6302016-06-03

No it doesn´t, because of the leather grease :)

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