Did you know that it can cost up to $30 for a simple manicure that’ll probably chip in about one week? If you do this just every other week it could cost you almost $800 per year. So wouldn’t it be more cost effective if you could do your nails by yourself and save more than $700 every year? I’m here to teach you how to paint your nails!

Step 1: Pick Out Your Color

First, start by picking out your color. Drug stores and beauty shops will sell you a nice bottle of polish for about $8.50.
<p>i did an aqua blue color and it turned out amazing!! ?</p>
<p>The instructions were awesome as well as the colour of the polish!</p>
$8.50? I can buy a nice bottle of Wet n' Wild Dreamy Poppy for 97 cents! Oh, I saw at Walmart while I was shopping for foundation some of that $8.50 nail polish- most butt-ugliest colors I've ever seen in all my days! They DID have some pretty pastels, though, but it was still too much. Below I've pictured Dreamy Poppy.
love it!<br>i'm a complete dummy when it comes to nails :)<br>8.50? thats expensive! i can buy FOUR BOTTLES for that money here!

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