How to Paint a Car From Start to Finish





Introduction: How to Paint a Car From Start to Finish

Welcome to the Eastwood Mustang project. In this video series we are going to paint a Mustang inside and outside going from green to black. Follow along and watch all the steps we took during this project.

Step 1: Eastwood Mustang Project Trailer

Step 2: Before You Paint Your Car....Follow These Steps

Step 3: Tear Down - Disassemble

Step 4: Removing Stripes and Decals

Step 5: Dent Repair

Step 6: Applying and Block Sanding Body Filler

Step 7: Locating and Repairing Minor Lows

Step 8: Tools Used for Repairing Dings and Hail Damage

Step 9: How to Prep Car for Primer

Step 10: Mask and Prime Repair Areas

Step 11: Block Sanding Primer

Step 12: Painting the Jambs

Step 13: Painting the Jambs Part 2

Step 14: Progress Update

Step 15: Masking Car for Paint

Step 16: Spraying Primer Sealer and Base Coat

Step 17: Painting Pinstripes, Stripes, and Letters

Step 18: Spraying Clear Coat

Step 19: Putting It All Back Together - Assembly

Step 20: Entire Process Sped Up to 3 Minutes

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Nice. Doing it yourself would save a lot of money over paying someone else to do it