Introduction: How to Paint a Door

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Lets paint it!

Step 1: Tools

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1. Paint Can
2. Paint Tray
3. Brush
4. Roller
5. Masking Tape
6. Sand Paper
7. Thinner

Step 2: Cleaning

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1. Clean the door by using any old clothes or brush
2. Lightly sand the entire door with sand paper
3. Use the masking tape to line the trimmimg to make it more neat
4. Make sure the door is clean from any oil and dirt

Step 3: Paint

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1. Pour the paint into the tray
2. Use the roller to apply smooth and consistent paint application across all of the flat surfaces
3. Use brush for a hand painted finish

Step 4: Dry

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Let your door dry a day

Step 5: Done!

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Its as Simple as that...:-)


tiger12506 (author)2016-08-14

An alternative to masking off the door handle is to just temporarily remove it. Usually just a phillips screwdriver and two screws and pull the knobs apart.

razrrazif (author)tiger125062016-08-14

yeah good idea...:-)

miraheng (author)2016-08-11

Woaaaahh Hebatnyaa! ★✩★✩

razrrazif (author)miraheng2016-08-13

woaaaaaaaaaa :-)

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