Step 5: Paint with your Extinguisher

Once you've reached your target make sure to check the nozzle on the hose for any dry paint or material that may block the flow. Test spray a few dots on the sidewalk to double check. Now the faster you move the better. It will replicate a hand drawn scribe if you are quick and calm. If you go to quick though you'll blow it and if you go too slow you'll run out of ammo.

TIPS: using different ratios of paint, water, and air will result in different types of spray,
more paint and water, and less air will give a thinner line.
More air than paint and water will result in a larger spray but will run out of paint very fast.
GreenD3 years ago
I don't get it. You support troops and love america, but then you deface the property? Those troops are defending the very thing you are trying to destroy? To get my side of the story straight - i don't support troops, and i support complete coloration of all walls everywhere (even houses & private property) but I don't go bombing houses or churches simply out of respect. Complex issue but you seem like you have no idea why / what you are doing.
No one with an ounce of self respect would ever go out and bomb a church or house. It is in the graffiti book(not an actual book but it is a PDF/passed on by word of mouth.). The whole intention of this book is to make it clear to any toys on where to tag/get up at. Yes I used hip lingo but use google if you don't understand.
Ponchobrown3 years ago
Katsu you are the man.
Pyrowuzzup8 years ago
i think its a nice concept but the results seem alittle sloppy. if you dont care much about detail i guess it would be fine though.
who cares about detail if you could write your name 4 stories tall!
NOS5865 years ago
thts amazing, now i dont  have to carry 10 cans of the same color
phatheadted6 years ago
nice man
AstroHack7 years ago
Heh, I was wondering how the kids around here got it up so high. Great How To. Funny too. =D