In this tutorial I will be showing you how to prepare and paint your airsoft gun in a few easy steps. This is my first instructable so please comment on how you liked or disliked it.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you will need:

AIRSOFT GUN: That one should have been obvious!

SPRAY PAINT: I recommend using dark colours of spray paint unless you are doing something strange but cool like a yellow wasp camo.

GLOVES: You might think, what are gloves for? You will not want to get spray paint on your fingers or hands or even arms if your can is that messy. (Ours was)

SCREWDRIVER: If you would like to remove parts from your airsoft gun so they don't get painted, simply take out screws and put them in a jar so you don't forget to put them back. (We didn't because our gun was cheap and we might have broken something. it is not suggested that you remove parts if you do not know exactly how to put them back!)

MASKING TAPE OR PAINTERS TAPE: You need this to cover the parts of the gun that you would not like to paint such as the trigger, sights, grip, or stock.

KNIFE OR RAZOR BLADE: I used a small knife to cut away the tape around the edges of the details that I didn't want to paint.

coll structable what is your psn name?
Here are some pictures.... So sorry for the three posts.... Hope I didn't annoy anyone.
Is this your results or did you do this on your own? <br>
Are* Sorry...<br>
Hey, You can remove the grips from the Crosman pistols, Inside of the magazine well there a tabs that you can press with a screw driver or something else that is long enough and sturdy enough, And the grips should pop off
You did a good job with these. Good luck in the contest!<br><br>If you do a lot of spray painting on objects like these, you might think about making or using some kind of rack instead of the box. I also use a box for some things, but for guns and other objects where 360 degree coverage is essential, I know some people use a cookie rack. Personally, I used chicken wire. There is less surface area for any runoff to stick too, and it's easier to get all around the object.<br><br>Thought you'd be interested in that.
thanks for the advice i think i will next time
The gold one looks great. Plus I'm glad to see that you left the orange tip. Some people would have painted it too, setting them up for trouble when someone (police, conceal carry permit holders, etc) can't tell its an air soft.
thanks im glad you like the gold one <br>
Wouldn't it be easier to just remove the grips? 'm not entirely sure but it seems a bit easier.
i did remove the grip from the gold one but the other two had non-removable grips

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