How to Parallel Park a Car: Steps via Individual Pictures AND Videos

Picture of How to Parallel Park a Car: Steps via Individual Pictures AND Videos
**Note** There are SEVERAL Steps (so please don't forget to hit Next at the bottom). Videos are able to be seen at the end !

It is usually best to teach a new driver how to parallel park using 2 orange caution cones that represent the ends of 2 separate parked cars. You then park in between the cones. For visual learning via video, two ACTUAL parked cars are used to show how to perform the action in a real situation.

- Put key in ignition.

- Start your car.

- Put your foot on the brake pedal and shift car into drive - D.

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Step 1:

Picture of

·         Drive your car until the car is positioned a few feet from the first marker.

o   The markers should be seen through the front windshield of the car.

·         Drive the car as to close to the markers as possible.

o   The marker in front of the car is Marker 1.

o   The marker in back of the car is Marker 2.

·         Turn on your right turn signal to show where you’re going to park.

o   On the road, using your turn signal indicates you are going to park when there is traffic around you.

o   The turn signal should be used during practice to train the driver to make using your turn signal a habit when parallel parking.

o   During the driving test, if turn signals are not used, you can fail.

·         Drive your car up past Marker 1 until the passenger’s backseat window (the end of the window, closest to the rear of the car) aligns with the tip of Marker 1.

·         Once the passenger’s backseat window is aligned with the tip of Marker 1, stop the car.

·         Shift your car into reverse.

*This is the tricky part!*

                    To parallel park your car, imagine moving your car in the shape of an S.

·         - While your foot is still on the brake pedal, turn your wheel clockwise (towards the right) as far as the wheel will turn.

·         - Let your foot off of the brake pedal completely and allow the car to drift backward. *Keep your foot close enough to the brake in case you need to stop to avoiding hitting the cones or curb*

·        - When the front of your car is sticking out into the street away from the curb, place your foot back on the brake pedal.

o   To illustrate how your car should look when sticking into the street, imagine the image below:


o    the / symbolizes your car, not quite perpendicular to the curb

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