How to Pass Notes W/ a Pencil


Introduction: How to Pass Notes W/ a Pencil

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Need to say something to your friend while working by yourself in school?? Heres the perfect way to do it with out getting caught.

Step 1: Breaking the Pencil

Now first you need to break  the pencil you are going to use.  Make sure that it looks like the image or else this task is going to be harder to do.

Step 2: Write the Note

On only a corner of a piece of paper, write your note then fold it so looks like a skinny rectangle. It should be 3 cm long and 1.5 cm wide.

Step 3: Inserting the Note

Put the note where there is a space, like in the image.

Step 4: Putting the Pencil Back Together

After your note is the space, fit the pencil back together, like puzzle pieces. It should stay together.

Step 5: Passing the Note

pretend your friend asked for a pencil and pass the pencil to them. They can open the pencil and read the note.



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    thx for commenting!

    Way easier with a pen, just take the ink well out...

    Why not pull the eraser out and use that space?
    It needs for you to actually do this and photograph it.


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    no his pictures are perfect

    The pictures, not his pictures.


    his as in the pictures he used

    There's no picture of the note though.


    and have no way to take pictures so ...

    Im a girl thank you

    join the CIA or atleast patent this and sell it to them