How to Peel a Soft Boiled Egg





Introduction: How to Peel a Soft Boiled Egg

You will need
Soft boiled egg
Small knife

Chicken gizzards
Daves killer bread(I recommend this because it is very healthy and tasty)

Step 1: First

You will put the egg on a napkin or plate

Step 2: Now

In the middle of the egg take the small knife and create a medium sized slit

Step 3: Now,you Will Need To

Take the slit and create a big slit around the middle the egg be careful to not stick you finger inside the egg

Step 4: Last

Just take the top of the egg off and enjoy

Step 5: Mmmmm

I like to enjoy my eggs with chicken gizzards onions and daves killer bread

Step 6: To Cook Chicken Gizzards

You must preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
Then once it's heated up put the chicken gizzards in for 25 minutes and they would cook very well

Step 7: Thank You So Much for Reading Till the End

Vote for me in the contest and enjoy your soft boiled egg.Have a nice night or day bye



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