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Introduction: How to Perform a Tim Tam Slam

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Attention all! There is something incredible out there that you probably don't know about. Something so incredible it will change your life forever. You guessed it; it's a Tim Tam Slam ( the title gave it away didn't it?) Unless your Australian you've never heard of a Tim Tam, let alone slamming one, so let me tell you what it's all about.

Step 1: Tim Tams

Tim Tams are hard to describe to someone who hasn't had one. They are amazing chocolate biscuits that came from the heavens. Tim Tams are the food of the truly wise and cultured. You can't buy them in American stores, but you can get them online. Do it. It's totally worth it.

Step 2: Milo

Milo isn't as incredible as Tim Tams, but it is still good. Milo itself is a kind of hot chocolate powder, popular in Australia. Most just mix it in to hot water, but I prefer hot milk. It makes the chocolate so much richer. Milo is one of the key ingredients in a Tim Tam slam.

Step 3: The Slam

And now the moment of truth.
Step 1. Make a cup of Milo
Step 2. Take a Tim Tam
Step 3. Bight of the ends of said Tim Tam
Step 4. Insert one end of the Tim Tam into the Milo and one end into your mouth.
Step 5.Suck on the Tim Tam like a straw. Milo will flow through it.
Step 6. Right before the Tim Tam crumbles, shove it into your most and taste happiness. 

Your life just got better.



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    As a chocaholic I concur,

    I do the same thing with certain cookies and have a spoon as back up!

    I don't always eat chocolate

    but when I do,

    I munch milk chocolate.

    Stay chocolatey my friends

    the most chocolatey man in the world!

    My appologies to the "most interesting man in the world" and the most Spanish looking Jewish guy in Hollywood! He is a hoot, as good as How to speak Australian!

    I miss the tim tam fingers they were great for the tim tam slam and jarrah hot chocolate

    Yuuuuum, great with coffee as well. Biggest trick is getting the timing right or it's a soggy mess