Picture of How to Personalize Your Locker
Your locker is sort of like your bedroom. You can customize it any way you like. Here are some tips you can use for making your locker your own.
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Step 1: Locker Wallpaper

Picture of Locker Wallpaper
Using actual wallpaper is not the greatest idea. Use something like wrapping paper. Obviously wrapping paper is found pretty much everywhere, so thats pretty much the easiest alternative to wallpaper. During study hall or at the beginning of the day, measure your locker. Then measure out the amount of wallpaper you need, then use magnets to attach it to your locker door.

Step 2: Adding Trim Around the Edge of Your Locker

Picture of Adding Trim Around the Edge of Your Locker
fake fur.jpg
Trim can be anything from feather boas to streamer to strips of fake fur. Measure the perimeter of your locker door, and cut that much of whatever material your using. The easiest way to keep it on your locker door is tape, but if your school has a policy against tape in lockers then you can just use magnets.

Step 3: Magnets

Picture of Magnets
Refrigerator magnets are the greatest and easiest way to decorate your locker. You can make your own by gluing pictures to a piece of magnet, or you can simply buy some magnets. Word and letter magnets are really entertaining when you have extra time and nothing else to do.

Step 4: Scent

Picture of Scent
Everyone loves a good smelling locker. You can use small air fresheners, body spray, Lysol, Febreeze, but personally I love the little scent balls. They're little balls you place in your shoes or your locker that smell really good. You can find them at most sporting goods stores.

Step 5: Locker Clocks

Picture of Locker Clocks
You should set them to the exact time as your school's clock, so when you go to your locker you know how much time you have to get to your next class. Locker clocks are basically just cheap clocks with magnets stuck to the back of them. This helps especially if the teacher of your next class has a strict policy on punctuality.
TN7773 years ago
We get 1 by 2 foot lockers. CANNOT fit a trumpet and books in THAT!
Agentfern3 years ago
I've got a HUGE locker. Most people in my class had to share, but i got my own :)
I play trumpet, though, so that takes up a ton of space.
hedzup4564 years ago
my locker is wood. FTW< CAN USE MAGNETS!
novakfor35 years ago
Ours here are pretty decent, they're a good size. I think paying 'rent' is just dumb!
our lockerzs are a quarter of the size of them! Boo tiny lockers. Also, they make us pay 'rent' of £15 per year-not fair-stupid stingy falkirk council
firefliie (author)  DavidRobertson5 years ago
lol we get pretty big lockers AND we dont have to pay rent! teehee
omg thts stupid Our lockers at school are very small but we only have to pay a £2 deposit then if we give our key back we get the £2 ! we can keep our lockers Till year 11 and Then get iour £2 back if we wanted too
I agree. It is stupid.
The public school system in the uk is corrupt Is stupid
lol here in norway i get a maybe... 30cm x 1 meter locker :D
Warlrosity5 years ago
We get 30cm by 30cm, OUTSIDE