How to Photograph Flowers





Introduction: How to Photograph Flowers

In this instructable i would like to show you how to photograph flowers and their beauty. Flowers are very gorgeous and the mechanism and designs inside them are brilliant and worth taking photos.

No matter how the camera is the photo of the flower looks as gorgeous as real one.

Step 1: Look for Colors

Look for colors in the flower. The flower shown in the image is extremely colorful and it looks attractive when photographed.

So look around some colors.

Step 2: Stay on the Point

Don't overlook for backgrounds. Just take the close up of the flower and sometimes try to stay in the middle. Place the subject in the middle(Not everytime).

Step 3: Rule of Thirds

Remember the rule of thirds.

Whole canvas is divided by lines and 9 squares. Try to put sharp subject and the interlocking region of lines.

Step 4: Don't Overedit

Do not over edit any of the photograph. If you want to enhance lighting and exposure simply go to Microsoft picture manager and click "auto Correct".

Step 5: Flowers

Now as you know how to photograph flowers, simply go to your nearest garden or nursery and click the photos.




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    I too believe in less is more!! don't over shop !! (photoshop) i use Lightroom a bit more cus I fell ou cant overdo it as easly

    20171127_082214 (2).jpg

    i love the flower pics

    20171127_082214 (2).jpg

    Rule of thirds = 9 areas not 6. Otherwise nice easy instructible. Thanks for posting.

    Thanks for the comment. I will edit it right now!!