I love instructables contests because they stretch me and force me to be creative.  I am not a photographer, I don’t have an expensive camera, and I’ve never taken pictures of anyone else’s families or children.  BUT, I do know a lot about taking pictures of my own child.  I happen to think my child is pretty great, and have therefore taken A LOT of pictures of her. You don’t have to be a professional to get a great picture.  I’ve learned a few things about photographing a toddler that I would love to share. 


Your child

Any point-and-shoot will do J I have a little Cannon

Step 1: Capture the emotion

As much as we love our little one’s precious smiles, I really think it’s important to try and catch pictures of all the different emotions they experience on a daily basis.  Toddlers are emotional little people, and if we don’t take some pictures, it will be hard to remember ALL of the sweet little faces.   If you do enough photo shoots, you’ll be able to capture all of your favorite “looks.”

Serious, quizical, mad, content, super happy, sad

Some of the shots in here are soo perfect to treasure. I took me more than 20 mins to read your ible since was very busy looking for those lovely grabs. <br> <br>Your daughter is really adorable.

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