How to Photoshop a Black and White Photo With Color Accents





Introduction: How to Photoshop a Black and White Photo With Color Accents

This tutorial will give you tips and tricks on how to change a color photo to black-and white or sepia, then to add color accents to some of the areas of the picture.



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    Thanks folks. Sorry I didn't respond--didn't get any notifications of new comments.

    Wow... I feel SO FLIPPING stupid! I have been doing it how I was taught by my Graphics and Publications teacher for almost 10 years! He had us use the lasso tool and then pate it and clean it up... It took FOREVER!!!... I am so glad you did this because now I can do it in a fraction of the time! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!... Here is just one of the photos I did using your method! I love it!!!...


    This was very instructive. i am taking a Intro to Mac class and doing a poster in photoshop, but my books did not tell me how to do this. Thank you very much for showing me and putting notes in.

    Well, you're right in part--I did this very quickly and, admittedly, sloppily. I just wanted to offer a simple tip that might benefit somebody somewhere.

    speaking of offering simple tips, doesn't Photoshop have a filter gallery, so you just click that, instead of dragging sliders (includes ready-made sepia, so you get it just right. )

    ok so the video shows how to do it threw the computer but has anyone seen color added to pictures with markers? if so what kind of markers do you use to add on color?

    i haven't watched the video (yet) but I'm guessing it uses Photoshop's layers feature, (hint in the name: layers) use a transparency on top for the color LAYER then put that over the background LAYER

    Excellent informative Video.. always wondered how this was done and its so simple when you know how..

    dude I have been trying to figure out this forever that out forever. thanks ~