There are all sorts of methods for pitting a cherry, but what if you want to keep the stem intact?I had an abundance of cherries this year and wanted to make my own maraschino cherries. All the recipes I found pitted their cherries in different ways, but none with the stem still on. I wanted mine to have that nice stem so I could place them gently on top of a sundae, or eat them straight from the jar. The end result was perfect and I had several people ask, "how did you do that?" So here's what I did....

Step 1: What Tool?

I have seen all kinds of contraptions used to pit cherries. Most of which you have to remove the stem or pit the cherry from the side if you want to keep the stem. That just leaves a mangled mess of your cherry. I wanted to replicate the maraschino cherries you can buy in the store. I myself do not own a cherry pitter so I do mine all by hand with my cheap-o vegetable peeler. Peeler themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will need a narrow single blade peeler, that has the beveled end. I think I found mine at the local dollar store. THAT'S IT! The magic tool.
very cool....now I just wish I had access to cheap cherries
We picked 50 gallons off one tree last year. If you were closer we'd invite you over!
OMG My parents had a cherry tree, but the birds got the vast majority of the cherries. ;-( <br><br>I love canning so you can bet I'd accept yopur invitation!
I have to remember this. Very cool and very cheap :P
Very smart &amp; easy too!

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