How to Play Air Guitar





Introduction: How to Play Air Guitar

Playing Air Guitar is a fine art, with many masters in the field. Playing air guitar is no laughing matter.

This instructable will show you the air guitar basic tips and allow you to make money with your new found skill.

Step 1: Remove Air Guitar

For This Instructable you will need one standard air guitar

The first step is to take the air guitar out of the case.

Step 2: Put It on and Tune It

Next you want to put the air guitar on and make sure it is in tune. An out of tune air guitar is a crime against nature.

Step 3: Practice

Next you want to practice your air guitar until you can shred with the best, this may take a while.

Step 4: Impress the World

Once you are good enough its time to go on tour.

Step 5: Rock Out

Next you want to rock out, i chose to do this downtown so i can busk you support my electronics addiction world tour.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Earnings

Once you have rocked out all day for the masses, you can use the money you made for many things:

- food
- rent
- electronics
- more air guitars

The possibilities are endless, please post your own air guitar successes in the comments!



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    Will add this to my bucket list ?

    You should only except tips of air money.

    I keep trying but I'll never be as good as you. Thank you for being my inspiration though

    with the money I've made out of street air playing, I even got to buy a real one! but the tell you, it's not the same...


    Dude I tried to make a wicked shred with my guitar behind my back but I doped it...I have no idea if it was broken,I think they paid all of us cuz they were sorry for us lol jk jk:)

    so where can you get an air san antonio. :)


    Invisible guiture, hummmm, how can people and you hear, play, tune and fix?