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Playing chess is not all that hard. It involves strategy and knowledge of the game.  After you know the key aspects it is a simple matter of honing your skills to become a master chess player and wow your friends with your new skill.
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Step 1: Know the Different Pieces and How They Move

Picture of Know the Different Pieces and How They Move
In chess, there are 6 different pieces that each move in a different way. They are the King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawn. These piece are basically your army to take the other side's King. Taking the other player's King without losing your own is the whole objective of chess.

Step 2: Know What the King Is and Does

Picture of Know What the King Is and Does
King Movements.png
On the board, there are two Kings. One is white, and the other is black. The whole point of the game is to capture the other person's King without losing your own king in the process. The King can only move one space at a time even if it is any direction. This is the piece that you are protecting throughout the game. If he gets captured, then you lose the game. Check is a term used for when he is in the line of another piece's capture. Checkmate is when the King has no way of getting out of check, and the game is over.

Step 3: Know What the Queen Is and Does

Picture of Know What the Queen Is and Does
Queen Movements.png
Like the King, there are two Queens on the board, and one is white while the other is black. Unlike the King, the Queen can move as many spaces as she please as long as it it is in a straight line either forwards, backwards, or diagonally.  The Queen is consisted by many as one of the most powerful pieces on the board, and is very hard to capture. In setup, the queen is always supposed to be on her color. i.e. black queen on a black square. This is in case the pawn in front of your king and the pawn in front of your opponent's queen are both taken, you are not instantly in check.
jlms7 months ago

The boards in the photographs are placed incorrectly.

Your instructions are wrong. I'm posting because I don't want amateurs to follow this.

"How to play chess"? lol

Not trying to troll, but it's surprising how many chessboards are not set up properly. Please google and show us the right way.