Introduction: How to Play Clash Royale on PC

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Screen mirroring allows you to project your phone into a computer. By doing this, you can easily manage files with a bigger resolution because you may control your phone or device from the computer. You will not be zooming pictures or texts with the use of your fingers because when your phone is mirrored on the computer, they appear to be larger and clearer. If you are an ardent fan of Clash Royale and want to play games with a larger screen, you may use screen mirroring.

Step 1: Download and Install ApowerMirror

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ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring software which enables you to access your phone from the computer. You can also operate the mobile phone on computer on PC with keyboard and mouse. Before we explore ApowerMirror to play Clash Royale on computers, let us first follow these easy steps so we can use the application:

Once the page has loaded, go to the Products tab and download ApowerMirror. Do not also forget to download the ApowerMirror application on your mobile phone. Go to Google Play for Android users

Step 2: Build the Connection

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Connect your phone or device to the computer with the use of a cable. On your mobile, if windows pop-up asks to allow USB debugging, select “Always allow from this computer” and tap “OK”. When the applications have been installed on your phone and personal computer, you are ready to start the screen mirroring. Some phones may need you to install the app manually.

Step 3: Play Clash Royale

Launch the app on your phone. Tap “START NOW” and your Android screen will be reflected to PC. Now you can open your game app, and then play games from computer with keyboard and mouse.


Pcman123 (author)2017-03-27

Thank you for this i love to play clash royale i play viaBluestacks, here i find How to Play Clash Royale on PC

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