How to Play Clumsy Robot on Instructables.





Introduction: How to Play Clumsy Robot on Instructables.

If you are lucky ( or unlucky) enough to find yourself being faced with the instructable server error message have some fun with it. The game that is embedded into it is just like flappy bird just with the instructables robot and wrenches. In this instructable I will show you how to play.

Step 1: Get There

I don't know how to get there if you just want to play I just stumbled upon it one day when I was trying to load the contests page so try that but I think you can get here through any page that glitches.

Step 2: Start to Play

When you first get here it will prompt you to press the space bar or left click button to play. Do it its fun and will help pass the time.

Step 3: Aim

Aim for in-between the wrenches to get one point each time you pass through one. To give him a little bump up just keep pressing the space bar.

Step 4: Keep Going...

Keep going to increase your score but be careful don't let the robot hit the wrenches.

Step 5: The Time Has Come

The time has come where you hit a wrench it will show you this screen but you can always press the space bar and play again.



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    We celebrate all the men in the air force who gave their lives in the various wars.

    It's called May Day.

    instructable robot is too heavy.i am unable to fly.

    I was kind of hoping you would tell me how to aim the little guy. I cannot figure out how to get him to move at all.

    You're better than me! My high score is 7 XD