Step 8: Winning a Hand With a Trump Card

This step explains how to win a hand with a trump card that is not the right or left bower.

Example 1:  Diamonds are trump and led.  Players 2 and 3 follow suit and also lay diamonds, while the dealer does not have a diamond and plays a club instead.  Because player 2 laid the highest trump card, they win the trick.

Example 2:  Clubs are trump and diamonds are led.  Players 2 and 3 both lay diamonds to follow suit.  The dealer, however, does not have a diamond and trumps with the ten of clubs to win the trick.
<p>This is a great Instructable: logical, well-illustrated &amp; simple. <br>Thanks to you, I won't be a complete idiot at the Euchre party I was invited <br>to tonight :-)</p>
<p>How you keep track of your score with 2 &amp; 3 instead of 5s</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HhFLl2hjXcc" width="500"></iframe></p>
I love this game but I must admit I have never met anyone outside the state of Michigan that knows how to play. In Michigan it is kinda our state game... Watch &quot;Escanaba in Da Moonlight&quot; if you want some idea of how big a deal Eucher is as well as deer hunting, local folk lore, and making fun of ourselves...<br />
You must not travel down to Indiana often!&nbsp; We play it all the time!!<br />
I love this game!<br /><br />You were very detailed too, and good pictures.<br /><br />One thing I would add is that there are very many regional differences.<br /><br />Some people play using only one of the nines (around here it is usually the 9 of hearts), others include the eights.<br /><br />Around here we play &quot;farmer's hand&quot; where if someone has three 9s or 10s, they can lay them down and take the other three cards that were laid face down in the &quot;kitty&quot; (4 left over cards after the deal).<br /><br />We also play &quot;ace, no face&quot; where if someone has an ace and no face cards, then all cards are raked in and the next person deals.<br /><br />Another thing we do is called &quot;stick the dealer,&quot; if no one calls trump after the deal and it goes back to the dealer, the dealer has to call something.<br /><br />When we &quot;go alone,&quot; it is worth 4 points for taking all of the tricks, and only one if three or four tricks are taken. We can also ask for our partner's best card and discard one of our own, but the most points you can get is 3.<br /><br />There also is &quot;defend alone.&quot; If the other team calls trump and goes alone, you can also go without your partner's help. If you can successfully get 3 or more tricks, you get 4 points.<br /><br />There are also other ways to keep score, in my area we use two sets of 6s and 4s and score is counted the same way as the pair of 5s. Some people use a 2 and a 3 to keep score, but I ever could understand how to keep track of 10 points with only 5 pips.<br />

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