Go-Stop is a well-known and fairly popular card game in Korea. My family and I enjoy playing Go-Stop during the winter holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s Day when we’re all together. I will show you how to play the game and hopefully I can introduce a new card game that you can enjoy playing with your friends and family.


  • Go-Stop Cards - Usually available in Korean stores, but you can also purchase them online.
  • Poker Chips - As with any card game, Go-Stop is more enjoyable when there is a reward!


I will try my best to provide a simpler version of Go-Stop to help get you started. As a result, I might not mention some special circumstances in the game of Go-Stop such as when only one player in a 3 person game loses (usually there is only 1 winner with the assumption that the other players have lost). If instead, you just want to learn how to play a simpler, and easy-to-learn card game, skip to the end and I'll teach you a different game using the same cards. But, make sure you learn about the cards beforehand.

Step 1: Learning About the Cards

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Go-Stop is played using a deck of 48 flower cards called Hwatu. The cards are smaller and thicker than the standard 52-card deck, which make it somewhat difficult to shuffle. It might take a while to get accustomed to, but with some practice you should be able to shuffle the cards fine—just don’t expect to do a riffle shuffle. Another way you can shuffle the cards is to spread the cards out onto the table and mix them around.

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There are four cards that represent each month of the year with an accompanying flower.. The basic objective of the game is to match cards with their respective sets (i.e. match cards from January with another card from January). Don't worry, there's no need to memorize what month/flower a particular card belongs to. Instead, you can think of it as matching cards with a similar theme and design. For example, match the cards with maple leaves with other cards that have maple leaves.

I'm glad to see Go-Stop here :)
<p>This looks like fun! I love the artwork on those cards :)</p>

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