Blues Guitar Lesson - How to Play 'How Long Blues' by Leroy Carr


Introduction: Blues Guitar Lesson - How to Play 'How Long Blues' by Leroy Carr

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Leroy Carr was a piano player who teamed up with guitarists Scrapper Blackwell to produce some classic blues songs. This is played in the key of A and it's at intermediate level. More tuition here.

Carr was the most influential male blues singer and songwriter of the first half of the 20th century, but he was nothing like the current stereotype of an early bluesman. An understated pianist with a gentle, expressive voice, he was known for his natty suits and lived most of his life in Indianapolis. His first record, "How Long — How Long Blues," in 1928, had an effect as revolutionary as Bing Crosby's pop crooning, and for similar reasons. Previous blues stars, whether vaudevillians like Bessie Smith or street singers like Blind Lemon Jefferson, had needed huge voices to project their music, but with the help of new microphone and recording technologies, Carr sounded like a cool city dude carrying on a conversation with a few close friends.



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