Introduction: How to Play Musical Chairs

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Ain't no party like a musical chair party!! If you are looking for an entertaining game that is fun for all ages, musical chairs is the way to go!! With these eight easy instructions you can be the life of the party!!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

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Get Your Materials

1 host
Music Player*

Recommend an upbeat tempo song (pop, hip hop, dance, etc)
Make Sure to have equal number of chairs as players

Step 2: Countdown Begins

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Host counts number of participants

Step 3: A Chair Arrangement

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Host arranges chairs back to back in the center of the room
Have an equal number of players as you do chairs

Step 4: Get Ready!!

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Have all players seated and get ready because the fun is about to begin!!

Step 5: Pump Up the Jams!!

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The Host will press play on the music player.
Music will play for 15-20 seconds

Step 6: Party Mode Engaged

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While the music is playing the participants seated will stand up and begin to skip around the chairs!!
The host will remove one chair as players are skipping

Step 7: Elimination

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The host will now stop the music from the music player
The players must now all attempt to find an empty chair to sit in
The player that doesn't have a chair to sit in is eliminated from the game

Step 8: A Champion Is Chosen!!

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Repeat steps 5-7 continuously eliminating players when they are left chair-less!!!
The last person left in a chair is declared the winner of musical chairs!!


Team69 (author)2013-12-04

you guys are badass

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