Introduction: How to Play NBA 2k17 on Playstation 4

2k is the best video game ever made, I would like everyone else to experience the happiness I do when I play this game so here is a tutorial.

Step 1: Turn Play Station 4 On

Press & hold "Play Station" button on play station controller until you see the main screen of playstation network.

Step 2: Sign Into Your Account

From here PlayStation will give you options of accounts that are associated with the system. you will pick and choose your account and continue

Step 3: Beginning the Game

From the Playstation home screen you will go to the icon with the 2k game on it and continue. from here you will see a intro to the game and all the teams that are associated with the NBA

Step 4: Pick Your Type of Game

depending on what type of game you want you will click that option, for now we will be playing a normal exhibition game just to keep it simple.

Step 5: Pick Your Team

when you begin the normal game, it will ask you to pick a team so you must pick one out of the 30 teams in the league. click the R2 and L2 butttons to toggle back and forth between the teams.

Step 6: Choose Jerseys

to pick jerseys you click R1 and L1, the NBA is filled with many vibrant and classic color ways to choose from. Home is always white, away is dark colors.

Step 7: Press Start to Pick Lineups Before Game

With 2k they give you the choice of deciding how you want your team to operate during your game. Therefore, you can swap players in and out your starting lineup by clicking X on the players you want to swap.

Step 8: Choose Settings for Game

Before tipoff, click start and go to "settings" to adjust cameras, game speeds, game difficulties, etc.

Step 9: Start Game With Tipoff

As you know, tipoff starts the game off. the tipoff is determined by who presses triangle at the quickest and right time so you will want to do that to get possession of the ball first.

Step 10: Basic Controls

Left Stick – Move Player

Right Stick – Pro Stick

LT – Post Up

RT – Sprint

LB – Call Play (tap) / Pick Control (hold)

RB – Icon Pass

A – Pass / Touch Pass

B – Bounce Pass (tap) / Flash Pass (double tap)

X – Shoot (tap for Pump Fake / Hop)

Y – Overhead Skip Pass (tap) / Alley-op (double tap)

Up on D-Pad – Gameplay HUD

Right on D-Pad – Point of Emphasis

Left on D-Pad – Offensive Strategies

Down on D-Pad – Substitutions

View – Timeout

Menu – Pause

Step 11: Materials

1. television

2. Playstation 4 system

3. Controller

4. NBA 2k17 disc


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