How to Play Nazi Zombies on PC Without Beating The Game

In this Instructable, I will teach you how to play Nazi Zombies without having to beat the campaign.
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Step 2: Using The Console

The console is a hidden feature that beta testers and programmers use to change settings that most people can't change.  Fortunately, it can also be used to access levels that you haven't reached yet, and to use cheats.
To get to Nazi Zombies, press ~ (Shift+ `), between tab and 1.  Clicking should no longer have any effect, and a bar saying some numbers and COD_WaW> .  To go to Nazi Zombies, Type:
/devmap Nazi_zombie_prototype
Caps doesn't matter.  The Loading Screen from Nazi Zombies should show.
Now You Can Play Nazi Zombies!
JustinR21 month ago

thanks! you can also put in "factory" instead of prototype if you want der reise, or whatever its called

mine keeps crashing everytime i put it in

tthomasvd4 years ago
ty :D realy helpfull