How to Play Pinball While Installing Windows XP

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COOL ,isn't it ?

Step 1: Lets Play Pinball

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Installing Windows XP can be a long and boring experience, so play a little pinball to make the time pass by a little quicker. Windows XP allows you to run its pinball program while the rest of the XP files are downloading to your system.

8 Steps :

Step1 : Get an original, OEM windows XP installation CD from either Microsoft or an official Microsoft dealer and install the software on your computer.

Step2 : Enter your product key and answer the questions to validate the installation process. After that, begin copying files to your computer.

Step3 : Press Shift and F10 keys simultaneously when you see the scroll bar and the words "copying files." This will direct you to the command prompt screen.

Step4 : Type cd \ on the command prompt screen.

Step5 : Type: cd "Program Files".

Step6 : Press enter, then type cd "Windows XP".

Step7 : Press enter again, and then type cd Pinball.

Step8 : Type Pinball.exe to begin the pinball program. Enjoy until the Windows XP download finishes.
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Vinsu3 years ago
Gee, thanks! Next time when re-installing XP I got to remember this!
Maxaxle3 years ago
That's just awesome.
erikals5 years ago
Play pinball while installing? Sounds fun. I'm going to get a new laptop so I might as well try this when installing XP.
fwjs285 years ago
Derin5 years ago
I would have never thought about this.Great Instructable and 5 stars.This will be useful when I do a clean install on my old laptop.