How to Play Tennis

Picture of How to Play Tennis
Tennis is a sport that is played all over the world, and is fun none the less. This Instructable is designed to teach the basics of tennis, as well as some advanced tips to improve your game.

Whether you are just beginning, or hoping to refine your game, continue to read this Instructable!
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Step 1: Choosing a raquet

Picture of Choosing a raquet
When looking to buy a raquet, you should figure out the level of play you are at.

Beginners might want to choose a head that is wider, which reduces the chance of missing the ball. More experienced players might want to choose a more narrow head which has more power and accuracy.

The material used for the raquet are nowadays synthetic materials such as composites and others. Wood is out of date, but you can always go old school.

Younger players might want to choose a raquet that is lighter so it is easier to hit the ball. As you grow older, you will become stronger, and a heavier raquet will be needed.
genedaliva1 year ago
do you have recommendation for a Brand of raquet like WILSON or PRINCE?
which brand is better to use?
I wouldnt give a particular recommendation because all these brands have very good starter rackets if you are new to the sport. In sports retailers they normally have diferrent sections of rackets for different skill levels, so a beginner section then an intermediate section then an advanced section. I would suggest either looking online or going to your nearest sports shop.
Max3963 years ago
Yea a great overview of how to play tennis, I think a extra page on tactics and strategies for beginners to advanced would have been nice.

It always good to mention how to set up the points with your strengths and the serve combinations to predict where the ball is coming. Serve combination is also a great way to deal with pressure as you have a set plan ready. (Serve out wide, the return will go cross court 75% of the time, to your forehand) So you can be ready for that! Along with other tactics such as always hitting down the line when you come into the net so as not to give your opponent angles for a passing shot. Here's a sampler at

As Flea rightly mentioned as well, the footwork is another vital element! But I wouldn't say the open stance is always best. In todays game you need both. The closed for approach shots (as it disguises where your hitting, and allows you to move up to the ball quicker) and the open for baseline (as you recover laterally quicker)

Either way great information!
All the best
David M.Law3 years ago
Thanks....I'm trying to get as much information about son (6yrs) is a begginer and is under coaching
Flea6 years ago
One major thing you forgot to mention is the stance. The older variety is the closed stance where you stand with your feet parellel to the net. You would basicly be looking down the baseline. Many players now use the open stance. Your toes would be pointed at the net and your power foot is usually slightly closer to the net. This is the stance I use and it came natural to me. There are many advantages to using the open stance. Here's a little cuttie pastie from

Immediate recovery.
It forces your back hip to turn to into the ball allowing you to hit with your legs.
It minimizes how far you can take your racket back.
It is easier to change direction after hitting the ball.
It is easier to return balls hit near or at you, for example, serves hit into your body.

I'm not sure when the open stance started or who started it, but I've been using it since the early 90's. It's probably not recommended for most beginners, but it's something that should be taught and as you get better, you'll find yourself using the open stance more often.
Gjdj3 Flea6 years ago
yeah. open helps you to hit farther. my tennis teacher told me that.
 No.... that is not the point of open stance :) Open stance helps you get more power, yes but also can help get a lot more spin which would bring the ball in... Just as a a note ;)
moratmarit4 years ago
Hii..thank for tutorial, this useful for me.
I hope this helps you for next week Janetta! Study this site diligently! I look forward to collecting on our bet!
this site is cool cuz it helpd me a lot with tennes me and my dad can play tenes now
jazmin1234 years ago
ya i love tennis i've been playin for 6 years and i love it i think alot of other people should play i also think tennis should be a loved sport like foot ball
JackPotte5 years ago
Thank you for your site. In order to gain perfection it should propose a service photo and a clock scheme with the 5 grips : 11h eastern, 0h continental, 1h hammer, 3h western, & 4h semi-western. Best regards,
Hey, really nice one man. I'm just starting out with a few friends and this is really going to help.
backhand5 years ago
well i am a beginer and i wish i would have looked at this sooner because i just went out and bought a $75 racket and its pretty big and heavy but i also think this may be a good thing because i do have a nasty backhand because i have a lot of power
Hypocaust5 years ago
It was interesting......
jknight (author) 6 years ago
k i will get on that as soon as posible and make shore i get good info

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