Introduction: How to Play: the Rolling Stones - Angie (Guitar)

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Hey guys, ever wanted to play the song but just couldnt figure out how? This instructable will show you how to play this great song! Just follow the tabs and look for the hints and you'll be impressing your friends in no time at all!

This is the third song in my how to play guitar series. If you have any requests add a comment or pm me and i will try my best!

Some of this is repeating but i thought that it would be better if i laid it all out in one row rather than having to repeat it.

Step 1: Intro

This is a nice easy intro. Most of the chords will be used throughout the whole song.

Step 2: Verse 1

A verse. The repeats alot.

Step 3: Chorus 1

This is the awesome chorus. It is the same for most choruses.

Step 4: Verse 2

Step 5: Verse 3

Step 6: Chorus 2

Step 7: Verse 4

Step 8: Verse 5

Step 9: Chorus 3

Step 10: Verse 6

Step 11: Verse 7

Step 12: Chorus 4

Step 13: Verse 8

Step 14: Outro

This is the outro. Fade out slowely towards the end.

Step 15: Watch the Video!

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