How to Politely End a Conversation.





Introduction: How to Politely End a Conversation.

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Have you ever "gotten stuck" with someone? You want to move on and meet other people, and you have no idea how to do so politely. It appears that the other person would also like to network with others, and, she, too, fidgets nervously rather than ending the conversation.

You're not alone.

In this instructable I will show you how to end a conversation taking place, face to face, and on a phone without being rude.

Step 1: Ending a Phone Conversation

To end a phone conversation you need to have a good reason to end the phone call. This reason can be real or fake. This excuse needs to be believable, so for example try to avoid these lame excuses...
"I talked way too long yesterday."
"I am way behind on laundry."
"I need to study."
"I need some quiet time."
"I need to get ready for my big day."
"I'm walking the dog."
"I need to exercise."
"My ear hurts."
"Someone else wants to use the phone."
"I need to use the bathroom."

Once you have thought of a believable excuse, wait for an appropriate time to say it. One technique for finding a good time to say bye is by finding a breaking point in the conversation. When there is a pause in the conversation, use this time to speak up. But you need to be patient. Interrupting someone, growling, grunting, or sighing loudly is rude and may offend the person.

Once you have stated your excuse, apologize for having to end the conversation, and plan a time were you cant talk again, that is, if you want to talk to this person again, then say bye and hangup.

Here's an example of one way to end a conversation: "I'm really sorry, but I have to go, it's dinner time. I'll call you tomorrow, OK? (pause) Bye!"

With a bit a practice, you can easily end any phone conversation when ever you want.
Now lets move on to something harder, ending a conversation that takes place in the same room, face to face.

Step 2: Ending a Conversation

Ending a conversation were you are talking to a person face to face, you cant easily make an excuse because they are there to see if you are actually doing it, so saying its diner time does not work on a bus or in a store. So you simply must politely excuse yourself from the conversation. an example of this would be "It's my first time here, and I would like to meet some of the other members, too." or "I haven't been here for six months, and I want to rekindle some acquaintances." or " I can only stay for an hour, and I want to say "hi" to several other people."

Another method is by directing your attention elsewhere. You can do this with body language. Let your eye wander around, look at the people having fun next to you, check out that chair, look at how fast that fan is spinning. Right now you are pretty much telling him/her that there are other things you want to be doing. Once they have realized that they might be boring you, ask for there card or number and say bye.

Saying bye can put you in some strange situations and with some practise you can easily get out of them with out hurting anybodies feelings, so I hope my tips can help you next time you are trapped with a talkative person.

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    teehehehe...or latin....very few people know latin so its always funny to call them funny names....

    whenever a younger kid acts crazy, I just yell "EBRIUS ES!!!!!" and walk away.

    How not to do it politely: "So solly me no speeka Eengrish" I've always wanted to do it, but didn't really have an opportunity to do so

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    omg i =ma do that to a teacher answer te phonehi orpanege would u like to adopt

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA....just give me your phone number and i can give you more chances then you ever....i mean ....uhh..what do i mean....BYE!

    put them on hold yell some thing like "what are you doing here" or " I thought you where dead" then pop a paper bag then heavily breathe in the receiver maybe growl then hang up.

    Simply drop your pants, and stare at them expectantly....... that way, well.... either way...... you should pretty much get SOMETHING you!

    Wow, I've read some pretty hateful comments by you on indestructibles. You teaching people to be polite is like Courtney Love telling kids how to stay sober.

    Shouldn't the person who initiated the call be the one to hang up? Or is that only with talking on radios?

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    For a short call yes but ones that drag on for like 10 minutes, no.


    In my opinion once all that was needed to say was said, it doesn't matter who decides to hangup


    Yeah when someone phones you to sale things to you, you just keep saying "Hello you there? I CANT HEAR YOU!!" until they hangup