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I have successfully potty-trained eight of my children, as well as three of my siblings, while they were between the ages of 22 and 28 months, in the course of a week. In the next few minutes, I will share my secret method, and hopefully, you too can say good-bye to diaper doody, err, duty, once and for all!

Step 1: Readiness

Around the age of 22-24 months, a toddler will exhibit signs of readiness. Conscious pause in play to poop, whining to be changed when wet or poopy are some of these signs. Also, having the verbal ability to communicate the act (a simple "pee-pee and poo-poo will suffice) is important. Make an effort to determine how long the toddler stays dry on any given day. This means checking every hour for wetness. When the toddler can "hold it" for at least an hour, preferably two, he or she is ready for the next phase.
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TiannaW23 days ago

Potty training can be so hard, I've also been there. But luckily I stumbled upon a website and tried a 3 day method I found there. That really worked great, wish I knew of that earlier.

Can really recommend it to every parent that is struggling out there!


makelaw1 month ago


This is such a great article and you have listed some very awesome tricks -- some of them are new to me and I have never heard of them before.

I can recall those days where I struggled a lot in order to potty train my child. Fortunately, I was recommended to an e-book by one of my good friends Mary and I was shocked that I literally potty trained my child in just 3 days. Yes, I wrote 3 DAYS! I hope this e-book will definitely help other mommies as well.

You can read Mary's review about the Potty Training Guide e-book on this news site: http://www.newsdailygroup.com/how-i-potty-trained...

On a closing note I would like to say that patience is key when it comes to potty training your child. Give some reward to your child when you start training them, I am quite sure you will see positive results in a few days. You will be amazed once your child is potty trained and your spending on diapers will eventually reduce, thus, allowing you to spend that money on something else. :)

MarcyR12 months ago

I don't know if I just missed the best window or something, but my girl is 31 months and we've been working on step 1 for a while now. I keep checking, but her diaper is always at least a little bit wet. The one time recently that I found a dry diaper, I checked it about 45 minutes after the last diaper change. Any time we go a whole hour though, no luck. :-/ Any tips? Should I just go ahead with this and be resigned that either way there will be lots of accidents before it clicks?

hardar7 months ago

My son is 2 1/2 this month and we are on week two of trying this method. He is very strong-willed and it has become a power struggle to get him to sit on the potty every hour. He says he is "too busy". He still does not tell me when he needs to pee or is wet. He will sit in wet training pants and not request to be changed. When he does sit on the potty he usually does pee, but I've noticed at times that he will pee in his training pants when I tell him it is time to sit on the potty or hold it while on the potty and pee immediately after. Should I put him back in diapers and try again later or continue with this routine?

BrendaT39 months ago

Potty training my daughter was easy easy easy! I changed her diapers until she knew how to do so herself. Voila! When she was old enough, around 2 years, she started to use the potty on her own too. Well, I encouraged her to do this whenever she was ready, however gently. We are a pretty strict - haha - non-violent home. Just that simple! No trauma, no tears, no fussing and NO GET EVEN - not for that anyway. When will life be easier….. mom, can you help me fix my dust ruffles please….

NichO110 months ago

Thanks for this article. It was quite useful. It's not easy learning <a href="http://www.creatinghealthykids.com/how-to-potty-train-a-boy/">how to potty train a boy</a>

tonimrios2211 months ago

Hello My son sits on the potty and he says potty when we needs to go but he wont go he will sit there forever and then as soon as I put his pull up back on he pees! he is 24 months and he shows all the signs of being ready and when he does go in the potty he gets so excited and dances but he only goes right after nap when I rush him to the potty the rest of the day he will just hold I left him on longer then usual and he just holds it I dont know what to do.

I have successfully trained my boys to potty in a similar way and I can say it really works :). Check some more ways here http://newlifeanswers.com/potty-training/

astadler21 year ago

hi! Your
approach sounds convincing to me. I just have a little question: my son
is ready in terms of holding back pee and pooh and the other
preconditions. But he refuses to sit on the potty. Do I first have to
work on that and if yes, do you have any good advice how to do that?
Thank you so much!

tetheredcat (author)  astadler21 year ago
Hi! Congrats on getting to the "ready" point!
One of my daughters refused to sit on the little potty, and insisted on the grown up toilet from the get-go. It was "annoying" from my perspective, since I had to help her a LOT in the beginning to balance, etc. We got a little foot stool, and she'd climb on up. But that was the trick and once I let her do that, it got so much easier. Once she was pretty much at the end of that Week, she wanted to then use the little potty all by herself. Go figure! :)
Wishing you tons of patience and luck!
swalker321 year ago

We were told that potty training a child is a process of trial and
error too. It is both exciting and frustrating.

Until I came across this program that showed my daughter and I how
to potty train our grandson within three days. There were some great techniques
and helpful information there that I felt compelled to share with others. We've
been trying to potty train my grandson for the last six weeks with no luck,
Googling potty training was turning up outdated techniques and some of them we
believe were even harmful and I really didn't have the time for trial and error
and all the researching. We needed something that worked and was easy to apply
to everyday life.

We followed the instructions and "eureka" we found a
successful formula in 3 days. It was "Potty Training Made Easy".

Three days completely trained our grandson, it worked for us and I
hope it works for you.

So I hope this helps and good luck with your training.... O'
almost forgot here's the site: www.threedayspottytraining.com

mrsmubaiwa2 years ago
I am going to begin potty training my daughter soon and will try it exactly this way, wish me luck :)
leenaochani3 years ago
Hi everyone, I have just started toilet training with my 3 year old son yesterday and I must say he is not interested. He did sit twice yesterday and I thought that was good. I have bought him cars and trains to reward him when he goes and the first time he sat for more than 2 minutes I gave him a car but now he feels like I dont want the car if it means going to the toilet!! What am I doing wrong? This is the advice I got from parents all around me and so I used a reward system. He didn't poop all day yesterday because he didn't have a nappy. Today I asked him if we wanted the nappy to poo and he did so I let him have a pull up for half hour so he could poo!!! I am very confused, my husband wants to take him out all day but how can we when we are trying to achieve something the next week, on the other hand being at home is very boring for him!!
ldangles3 years ago
It's the one drop rule that works. When you know your baby needs to go (after eating or drinking or before you leave the house) tell him/her that all it has to go is one drop. I still can't stop at one drop and I'm over 60. Actually I'm lucky if I can stop that first drop now.
hchasey3 years ago
Day 5 seems like we've backtracked! My 25 month old is just not telling me at all when she has to go. The only times she doesn't have an accident is when I say it's time to try to go. If I catch her at the right time, she cries and cries until pee comes out. If she doesn't have to go, it's no big deal for her to sit there. She's just not communicating with me when she has to go and that seems to be key with this method being a success in the end. I'm afraid we'll be trying something else unless someone has some advice given that we're so far into this method already. I would hate to feel like the past 5 days have been a waste of time...and energy!
hchasey3 years ago
We are Day 4 of "the hard part". The first three days are just as you outlined. Some successes, but many accidents. We've noticed a few "trends" now and I wondered if you would be willing to provide some feedback:

1. She's holding her poop to do it at night in her diapers.

2. She refers to pee as "poop" and says she has to go all the time, but then doesn't do anything on the potty and is ready to get up after sitting for 5 seconds.

3. When she does have to go and we make it to the potty in time, she cries and cries while she does it. ?? It's possible that she's only behaving this emotional with me, her Mama. When Daddy did it with her a few times last night it wasn't a big deal at all.

4. She was up at 7:30 this morning and didn't go at all until 12. I think she's starting to hold her pee too.

Any thoughts or suggestions on any of these points?
ACDNMOM3 years ago
I have tried to potty train my 34 month old daughter and feel completely lost. She changes her mind constantly about whether or not she wants to use the toilet and even whether or not she has to go so I am SUPER frustrated. She tells me she likes diapers and doesn't tell me when she has to go unless it's a poop. I feel like I'm nagging and badgering her. I would like to try your strategy but was wondering how long I should wait to start trying again.
teresa11213 years ago
looking forward to using these ideas with my son, who is almost 22 months and is almost ready to start potty training. i just need a free week. wish us luck
tetheredcat (author)  teresa11213 years ago
Good luck, and plenty of patience!
mwebster73 years ago
Thank you so much for this brilliant, step by step guide to potty training! This is my first time as the potty trainer, and I was so nervous! We started today with my 28 mo little girl and we had a great, great day! She had a total of 6 accidents and 4 successful #1's! Probably TMI, but we're just so thrilled we had to share the great news. :) We have to venture out for several hours on Thursday, and I'm already a little anxious about that, but all in all it went better today than I ever thought it could. Thank you again!
pfeiferh3 years ago
This is the method that we used with our first daughter and have just used with our second daughter. The only problem is that both of them did great for a few months but then went through a phase of not wanting to poop on the potty so they hold it in as long as they can and then it hurts like heck coming out, which makes them cry. And also my 2yr old is waking up with stomach pains because of this. Recommendations?
Methelas5 years ago
My brothers are toilet trained, however they still pee all over there room. On purpose most of the time because they are too lazy to walk to the bathroom, they pee on walls, blankets, plates, toys, tote boxes... You name what ever is in there room it probably had urine on it at some point.
my son did the same thing when he was younger, it was very frustrating because i would always find urine in the most random places in his room....i would just always make it a point to remind him to go to the bathroom even if he didn't think he needed to go and make him try-almost always when i did this he would actually go potty-and eventually after some time he stopped doing it.
every kid is different but thats all that i did for my son and he stopped doing it.
i have also heard of other young boys from friends that have done it as well, i only have 1 boy so i do not have anything to compare to but to me it does not seem to be something that is too much out of the ordinary.
good luck!
tetheredcat (author)  Methelas5 years ago
I strongly recommend therapy.
tchrapliwy3 years ago
This sounds great! We are starting tomorrow :)
tetheredcat (author)  tchrapliwy3 years ago
Lots of luck and patience to you! :)
tchrapliwy3 years ago
So use the training pants all day but use the diaper at night?
tetheredcat (author)  tchrapliwy3 years ago
Yes. I use the training pants all day, and just before bed, as part of getting jammies on, etc. we will put a diaper on. I keep doing that, and encouraging them to remember to "hold it" when they're sleeping, and if they have to go potty, to wake up and go, and go as soon as they wake up. I play it by ear when the overnight diaper is done away with, since each kid is different.
momof2girls3 years ago
I am on day 4 potty training my 21 mth old girl, this is working great!! She also will only tell me when she has to poop and I am noticing fewer accidents every day as long as I stick to the schedule. Every time she goes in the potty we do the "pee pee" dance, she loves it.

I am on maternity leave right now and am keeping my older one home to potty train but I am nervous about sending her back before she can tell me she has to pee??

I will totally be recommending this method to others!
kgillman3 years ago
today is the dreaded day for me wit 10 days off from work it has to be done now. Ive noticed my little girl would tell me she needs go toilet but when i sit her on it she imitates and makes the peeing ( ssssss ) noise herself then hopes off, flushes the toilet washes her hands but doesnt actually go in the toilet she goes in her big girls pants and says its okay wat harm , so she does know when to go she jus waits till she's off the toilet . I am very patient wit her and i do explain but I also find this frustrating . HELP !!!!!!!
This is SO helpful. My only problem is that my daughter is in daycare and we won't have a full week off together until Christmas. I can find a three-day stretch coming up, but is this long enough...?
iheartblank4 years ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I've gotten tips from other mom's i know, but I needed was a step by step.
I can't wait to try this out with little man!
craftyv4 years ago
I enjoyed this Ible very much, and have read with interest all the comments attatched. Funnily I can't recall any problems with kids in my era, perhaps we were less focused on training and saw it as just something that occurs naturally. Certainly I think the age that things should or should not be achieved was less important than it appears today. I know I sound like an oldie saying "in my day" but it's just my reflection on the past. NOTE: We also used cloth nappies.
BGLYNCH5 years ago
I just want to thank you so much.  I followed all of your tips with my 21 mo. old.  He is doing fabulous.  In fact, most days he has no accidents.  But the thing is, he only tells us he has to go when it is poop.  Otherwise, he goes because I take him for a "potty break."  I tell him, "You have to say "potty" when you have to go," but if I wait to see if he actually does tell me... he always has an accident.  Do you think he will just catch on after awhile and start telling me or going to the chair on his own.  Does that part just take time?  I'm hoping yes!
tetheredcat (author)  BGLYNCH5 years ago
Congrats! That is awesome! It sounds like he's doing great and is on the right track. I would just give him some time to build this skill, and I would bet that in another month or so, he will be letting you know. 21 months is great! Boys are known for taking a little longer-and I think most of that is because they are just so darn busy. So reminding him and having him take a break is a good way to keep him on track and keep his confidence high!
i really hope it works well it did for you hoping the same for me my twins are 3yrs and do not want to go Thanks for you tip!!!!
domino885 years ago
This is the first Instructables I've actually "made".  It worked great!!  My daughter's kindergarden teacher was so impressed with the results that she asked for a copy of the method.   I've recomended it to my friends too!
Thank you for sharing your experience!
tetheredcat (author)  domino885 years ago
Im so glad it helped you! Congrats!
kelllbelll5 years ago
Thank you so much for the great info. I am anxious for our 7 days to begin, and will post our progress ASAP.
Happy2be5 years ago
Thanks so much for this "instructable" and the timeline for potty training.....I believe one should not rush but that patience and example are paramount.
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